Juvia’s Place The Magic Palette Review

IMG_0829 (2)

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And some swatches !



The looks :

Witchhearts look :

Decided to name this look after a Cradle of Filth double album , Lovecraft and Witchhearts . I decided to go all Smokey and mysterious , so I used Faso ,Ife, Yemoja and Kesi.


1189F633-B68D-4992-A992-C7A5372940E1You can see the iridescent shift better in this picture.

E25D69DE-AD73-407E-ABF7-BDEC34654771And a full face pic. I felt like paring this look with a dark lip.

And now a green and gold look.

64DD151F-7150-4D9E-9D86-E6EABFF162D1 This look was fun to do . I really like pairing the gold with the darker greens and I even used some of the warmer neutrals too. I used Nubia, Aja Buzo, Nana and Kesi . I may have used some other shades as well , but I kind of forgot about this review. I did the eye look a few months ago.

8BFDB005-1FA7-44A7-AA70-876235833F36 And for some reason this palette makes me want to pair everything with a darker lip.

 Now time for a sunnier look ! 
BAB879FB-2DBF-44DB-A472-42D042682CC4Or maybe it’s more a late Valentine’s day look. I wanted to add some pink hearts to kind of zazz up the look. I used Kesi on my browbone, Kogi as the crease color, Zuba in the V and Osun allover my lid. And the nice bronzy shade on the bottom is Boruno. 

67CF62C8-11AC-46B8-BFF2-52F458752D10I think this pic and angle shows off the metallics a little better. I really liked these colors, they were really light and fun to wear. 

Overall I really liked this palette, I used the darker greens and purples a bit more, but the brighter oranges and pinks are very nice. The earthy neutrals all blend very well even if I don’t always use them for a look, they’re still great. Like the Masquerade this is a pretty solid palette from Juvia’s , and it’s also one of their older palettes too. Plus the theme of night and day is really cool. Well let me know if you have this palette or any other Juvia’s Place palettes. Which is your favorite?

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