Rimmel Stay Glossy in seduce me review

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654E876A-88C3-476A-9928-4365101BF163Hey everyone ! I’ve been meaning to get some of my smaller reviews out of the way. So today I would like to talk about Rimmel’s Stay Glossy lip gloss. I have a bright pink shade in the same line. You can check that out here .  I did need a clear gloss for those days my eyes are super over the top. And I liked the formula of Future Pink . It’s really smooth, kind of sticky , but stays on and has a good shine. I forgot to upload the swatch, but it’s really sheer and barely there on my arm. Also this one still has that strong rose water scent. It’s not too bad and I got used it from using my other Stay Glossy shade, but definitely worth a mention.

9D339AE0-FDAA-439C-9E38-A02B3442F263 I used different lighting for these pictures to show the shine. There’s not really any glitter or anything. Just a nice glossy gel like shine. It’s perfect for those days you want something on your lips but nothing that would overpower.


Also this gloss kept my lips hydrated as well. So extra bonus!

B844CB7D-A57B-4D92-9029-82BF5294971CMy main reason for wearing this gloss. It’s just adds a natural touch to my lips , without trying to compete with my eye look from the teal brow review. Overall I really liked this gloss, it’s inexpensive and pretty easy to find. You just have to really like rose scents. Let me know what you think and what are some of your favorite gloss formulas?

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