Dark galaXy eye Look

Hey everyone ! Thought I would share one of my quick eye looks I did before going out . I wanted to do kind of a darkened Galaxy look. 
Products used :

  • Nyx Jumbo liner in Milk 
  • Juvia’s Place Wahala palette , Sis (matte Smokey charcoal ), for the V and wing , Power (darkened duochrome green)  and Unafraid and Envy for the shimmery purples in the corner of my eye . Also Pride ( neutral matte ) for my browbone.
  • Sugarpill Orange Capsule palette , ( shimmery bright teal blue )
  • Glamlite  donut palette I used both Grape (shimmery purple ) and Sprinkles (shimmery blue ) 
  • Milk Kush Mascara
  • Nyx That’s the point liner 
  • Rimmel Scandaleyes kohl liner
  • Nyx Marshmellow primer
  • Beauty Blender moisturizing tint
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Concealer in 4

And here’s my eye look:


It kind of shifts depending on the lighting .


Skyline is an amazing color , I tend to sometimes forget that I have it , but I can definitely see myself panning it along with the Glamlite shimmers.


New outfit too !


Well thats all for now . I’m currently working on my Elden Ring game review . Sadly my Xbox deleted my lobster videos , so no more fighting lobsters. And quite a few of my other clips were deleted .So totally sad about that . But at least I have some of my other screen shots .

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