EOS Shea better dry Skin Shave Cream in coconut Oil Review

9975ABAC-617C-4DD0-8D90-8CD797C5D861Time for a short review ! I decided to try another EOS shaving cream ,this time it’s the non foaming shea butter kind with coconut oil. It also have mango butter which there is kind of a mango candy smell to it. Plus some of other sweet scent as well.

1CB72E07-0EB3-465F-BB3C-DA553BBE686C I thought I would show off the back so you all can see the ingredients. It really does smell divine and spreads so smoothly on my skin.  Like this stuff is like some frosting . And I think i may like this shaving cream vs the other EOS shaving cream that I tried . Well aside from the packaging. I think it would be better in the pump bottle vs the squeeze tube , as the cream is super thick.  But aside from that this cream leaves my skin really smooth and moisturized. I love it . The scent is really good and I feel like I actually shaved less too.  I know it’s a bit of a boring review when things work well , but I would definitely recommend to those who want a really nice smooth lotion like cream that keeps you skin smooth. Well let me know what you think and if you’ve tried any other EOS skin products .


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2 thoughts on “EOS Shea better dry Skin Shave Cream in coconut Oil Review

  1. I wasn’t crazy about the last EOS shave cream I bought because of the thickness, but perhaps this one being specifically for dry skin could be better? And the scent you described sounds divine! I might get this sometime!

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