Can we talk about Hot Topic’s rainbow palette ?

248D02F6-DBF2-4EEA-9444-B1EC43BB47B0 So I’m browsing the sites when I see a Hot Topic ad for a cute rainbow palette. And even though I have a ton of rainbow palettes and rainbow pastels, I liked the packaging. I wanted to see what it looked like inside. Would it be a similar color story to Sugarpill funsize but maybe more pastel ?  

B99829A1-4ED2-4719-94C4-C81326A7B7D7No ! LMAO ! It’s a pastel nude set ! Well rainbow isn’t exactly what it brings to mind. Maybe sandy beaches , or pastel desert but not rainbows.  But seriously why is the muted rainbow palette not muted rainbow colors? Also did Hot Topic makeup get better quality ? I remember the small shadow goth/emo palettes they used to sell. And the Manic panic bright blue and purple mascaras. I loved those mascaras so much ! Maybe I should try a Manic Panic cosmetics haul? Well back to the muted rainbow palette, I still find it a bit odd. Why is there a cute happy rainbow but no rainbow shadows? If they wanted to go the neutral way, maybe put a cute tan kitten or puppy on it. Or a cookie theme ? That would’ve worked too.  Well let me know what you think of this kind of bait and switch palette .  Have a nice week everyone ? Also what would you have chosen for a theme instead of rainbows? 

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9 thoughts on “Can we talk about Hot Topic’s rainbow palette ?

  1. Omg! That’s practically a bait and switch! lol. Even though it says “muted rainbow” you’d think it’s just muted colorful shadows not browns absolutely devoid of color! Haha wow.

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    1. It was quite a surprise lol ! I guess Urban Decay is doing a similar approach using bright packaging for neutral shades . It does drive me crazy though . It definitely doesn’t match the outside lol .

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      1. I’ll give UD credit for at least having a splash of color in their palettes but the hot topic one has like none haha. I totally get what you mean though.


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