ColOurpop qt mark staR stamp review


Will with me going through my drafts , I saw that I still needed to review the Star QT mark stamp from Colourpop . I’ve used it a lot with random makeup looks , and since I’ve been doing face and eye decoration posts , I thought it was finally time to publish this one.

CD64387E-C53D-47C0-AF2E-E68B47F04259 It’s very similar to the Heart qt mark stamp that I reviewed for Valentine’s day but this one is black ink. It would be kind of cool to see stars in green, purple or yellow though. 


It looks a bit blurry close up and did seem to bleed somewhat. Still not as good as the Milk Makeup Stamp which always stamps perfectly, but this one is only $8.

97D3CD75-3967-48FE-A2CF-CDAEC0EF6BB7It does look better from far away though.

Now on the eyes it does a great job, it stays put and doesn’t really move. I wonder if stamping over makeup helps as it helps the ink set.

3853711D-1B9C-4620-90B6-612FDC5386EFHere I used it for my mystery look complete with Nightmare Before Christmas Jelly Much eye shadow.  I guess one of the stars may have smudged a bit.

And finally my new look with the Juvia’s Place Culture palette:

Also so I don’t forget the colors I used ;Naira Land ( the bright yellow in the crease) Ndebele (dark matte green ) mixed with Shekere (matte blue) San ( blue with champagne blue shift) , Shona ( champagne with orange tones) and Tiv (shimmery forest green) on the bottom . Also I decided to experiment with green eyebrows. The product I used was Sea Witch Bushy brow pen by Lime Crime . I’ll go into another review for that as well.


Honestly the brow pen was a bit patchy, but I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the best with brows. It does look better from further away. Also the star was also a bit patchy. I’m not sure whats up with this stamp sometimes. It is good for $8 but if you do want a stamp that isn’t as patchy definitely go for the Milk Makeup stamp which is $12 plus a bit of shipping and handling. I do worry they may discontinue them as only the peace sign is available online at sephora. But the actual Milk makeup site has the other stamps.

584DE3C5-D9FB-4019-8D8A-5965561DBF82 A rare outside photo 

09625AAC-AB21-45BB-9756-196A06D3ED78 Overall the stamp does have its issues, but I do like it and it is cute for quick photos and spicing up makeup.  Well let me know what you think of this star stamp and if you’ve tried other brands, which did you like the best? Have a great week everyone!

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12 thoughts on “ColOurpop qt mark staR stamp review

  1. I agree it would be nice to have different shades of this because I feel like I should be able to draw these on myself with my liquid liners, but I don’t have a lot of colorful eye pencils, so getting stamps in other colors is something that would definitely fill a void in my collection.

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  2. The Juvia’s look is fab on you, loving the hair and outside photo as well! I think your smart to recycle your stamps with other products. When I find a mascara wand I like, I wash it and save it to try with a mascara formula I prefer.

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  3. I think it looks cute although I agree it would be nice to have some colourful ones. I would definitely get those. It is slightly patchy and the lines aren’t perfect on the stars but it still looks really good.

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  4. I really didn’t like these at all. One of my mine didn’t even have ink. Like it was completely dried up and the other two bled soo much it was very noticeable. I did notice that if you use a light hand for stamping it looked much much better but there has to be enough ink on the stamp for it to work and that was trickier

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  5. Hello gorgeous I have this stamp and is great to have it but yeah I wished for other colors that would be nice. Also when removing leaves a shadow behind it does goes away but overnight kinda stays if makes sense. At the end I do like it. Have a fab week love

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  6. Thank you for demonstrating the quality of the stars! Probably something that I could use concealer or something around the edges. I love how you look! Your style is similar to mine!
    You should check out my last post about Colourpop.

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    1. I read a bit on your pricing post with Colourpop , the way companies are with changing the prices is pretty crazy. And thanks ! I love stamps , I’m a little sad Milk is discontinuing some of theirs:

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