Juvia’s Place Culture Eyeshadow palette review

FB90212A-D856-425B-A199-C27FC53883E6 So this palette was pretty big ! Even for me , with 30 colors , all the varieties of finishes , this palette has kept me super busy.  I wanted to do looks that had quite a bit of color variety and could really show off what can be done with this palette. It’s taken a while but I’m finally happy with the looks done and swatches. So let’s check out the beautiful Culture palette !

Also beware this is a long picture heavy review . 

601DACA0-9B0A-4483-8AAC-CEA23CFA3E8D I tried my best with taking pictures as the duochromes can be kind of tricky to get in the right lighting.  Yoruba for sure doesn’t look quite as impressive as it does on the eyes.

63FA19FA-5D52-4F05-ADA8-ABC911CC32D8I decided to even section off part of the palette to show off just how nice the shimmers and duochromes are. Calabash and Shona are amazing on the eyes.

BBB10D36-56D9-4017-96F8-C142F3889204 Ashanti is also an amazing color on the eyes and the pics here just don’t do it enough justice.


here you can see the beautiful greens, Tiv you can actually see the nice golden flecks, Ife is just magical, and Efik you can kind of see the minty green shift in the sugary pink.

75870829-363B-46B1-AB6F-8CE5287ECA31here’s Yoruba in it’s holographic glory, Katanga also looks super shimmery, Bono has nice reflect here as well. Boruno is way more shifty on the eyes , but it’s still a beautiful color.

63A01C5C-9CD7-46E8-BECB-F200653A67F2 And here we have too of my favorites , San and Wolof. San for sure reminds me of an old Too Face Duochrome , but 1000 times better. It’s shift and magical and looks great with the darker matte green shades on the other side of the palette.

Also here’s a video with Terra Battle music:

For swatches, I’m starting on top and going down the rows starting with Naira Land. I really like how the rows seem to keep color families and colors that will go well together. It’s easy for beginners, but you can also mix and match between the rows too.

C8000498-3D7A-491B-A5A8-1FD1FE9F8DFA I did just one picture of the greens and oranges as they photographed well. The other swatches I have two sets to show off the duo chrome shades better.

And now for eye looks :


Here is my first look, I was inspired by a picture I saw of a planet inan ice cream sunday, at least the colors used in the picture.  I was so excited to use so many of the colors , I have Taraba, Afro Beats, Ecowas, Edo, and Kobo for the mattes . Ife in the middle, Efik in the lower inner corner and Boruno as my floating liner. I did have some problems with my liquid liner pen going over the colors. I don’t know it’s because the formula for the shimmers and duochromes is a bit thicker or my eye liner is just dying. So for the other looks I used a gel liner and brush.

 My next look I I was still into the nice pastel shades :I’m not sure exactly what inspired me to use these shade other than they just looked pretty.


Colors used were Afro Beats, Shekere, Edo, Ecowas, Kobo, Kalabari, Jigawa. Ashanti was used in the middle. I really love this shade as it’s super unique in my collection. Also I placed Calabash on top of my pink heart stamp.

My next eye look was inspired by one of the bandits, Miss Fortune in the new Pokemon Arceus game. 46A25F36-7354-401F-B695-6A0540010713 This is Coin, I really liked the shape of her eyes , but failed to get the sharp lines going down the bridge of her nose. So I left that part out and had to wash off my makeup. I may try again later but here’s how it came out after starting over.


81D5FABC-FC18-41BC-9FF7-A0D8F7B8F920 Definitely one of my favorite looks. I used Talking Drums as my main base color on my eyes, the blue was  Bono , it has a more satin look , and the wing below was made using 9JA and 1960 blended together. Shona was used  under my eyes and  the shade Ijaw used in the middel of my eye. I really liked this shade and could see this being a great neutral look shade. It’s shimmery but soft.

65B03456-F599-4CAB-950C-AE1E3CF0634A It was also hard to get good full face pics but I tried.


My next look I used Yoruba as the main shade and I paired it with Kalabari,,Benin, and Edo. Efik was also used in the inner corner but Yoruba kind of overshadows it.  Very nice take on the teal/ brown duchrome you usually see. Also the brown is definitely more plum toned .

D37AF16F-EAF1-4E96-B536-45BF661D8EBD I loved Yoruba more than I thought I could love a teal/plummy brown duochrome.

The Nightmare Before Christmas and Halloween were the inspiration for this next look, I used Delta, Jigawa,  and Benin . And the shimmery parts were Wolof ( it shifts more pink purple) and Boronu . Plus crystals. oh and white dots since I wanted something  little extra on top.



2130972D-AF03-4F79-B00E-8DBF61D0DE4D Wolof and Efik were used here as well with holographic stickers for a festival style look.

and finally Sea serpent look !

238D8267-84A6-4B35-A479-FE78CAF556A3 I was super happy with this look, as it reminds me of the Melt Smoke Sessions shades but minus the brown shades.  I used Ndebele mixed with Shekere, Naira Land in the crease and fanned out, San in the middle, it looks more frosty mint with some wonderful gold flecks, Shona in the inner corner, and Tiv as liner in the bottom.  I also experimented with green brows courtesy of Lime Crime bushy brow pomade. I’m not the best at brows so I need more practice.

584DE3C5-D9FB-4019-8D8A-5965561DBF82Rare outdoors photo.

So after all that use and there was looks I didn’t even have time to photograph, this palette is a winner by Juvia’s Place. It has amazing variety, beautiful shimmers and duochromes, and I actually liked this better than Wahala 2. I liked that palette but I felt it was less diverse in color story compared to Culture. Also there was only one pressed glitter ( Calabash) so I felt more comfortable using all the shimmers in looks. I also felt like the colors blended better than Wahala 2 as some of the mattes were harder to blend mainly the matte teals. I think if you’re someone who loves Juvia’s Place or just big colorful palettes in general , this is definitely worth it. Let me know what you think and which shades were your favorite ?

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