Juvia’s PLace Culture Palette sneak peEk!

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Hey everyone ! I’m excited to post some new pics of the Juvia’s Place Culture palette ! I saw the palette in an email and knew I had to have it .This post is to show off the colors and a special look , but I do lan on reviewing a full review soon.


3350055A-B895-473B-A234-FCE169F8FA76I was immediately drawn  to the shimmery lime green . So I decided to do sort of a cut crease style look . I used the mattes, Taraba , Afro Beats, Ecowas, Benin,Kalaban, Kobo, and Edo . They were all pretty easy to blend but I think I need to buy more white shadow base as it’s a bit dried out. But the mattes were pretty pigmented, afterwards i cut the crease and used the beautiful lime shimmer, Ife. Afterwards I decided it would be cool to add a dark purple  line over the matte shades. I chose Boronu as it really caught my eye and has a nice silvery shift to it.

7E5E2424-D477-4A13-BC1C-554B012BC94B Here’s the other eye to show off the colors.

And in a different lighting:


Here the purple metallic has a purple shift , which I didn’t notice until later, and you can see some gold in Ife too! I love this palette so far !

F411696A-C4F5-4825-A26F-96FB6BB1EB92 And yeah my hair was super bright too ! so many colors!

564AFFC0-FFB8-4C7B-891E-305A4F13374F Well I’ll be definitely busy this week trying out some new looks and doing some swatches ! I’ll post a full review soon. Have a good week everyone ! Let me know what you think of the Culture Palette and if you’ll be picking it up ?

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20 thoughts on “Juvia’s PLace Culture Palette sneak peEk!

    1. I was super impressed with the variety of colors in this palette, which I think is a bit better than Wahala 2 . Even though I loved the Multichrome in W2. I hopefully will have the rest of my review up soon ✨.

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  1. Looks like a beautiful palette! Love the look you created! And I absolutely love your hair! You look gorgeous lovie! Even though the palette is right on my alley I will not pick it up since not feeling big palettes right now but that might change in an instant my heart is the boss lol. Have a lovely evening!

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  2. i still have yet to get a JP palette, i’m waiting for one that will stick out to me and also one i don’t already have familiar shades.. i absolutely loooove the blues and greens in the palette though

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  3. I’m so not up to date with makeup releases these days. I love the look you created it looks amazing. The colours look great together.

    I really like Juvia’s Place. I’ve only got one palette by them, they can be a bit hard to get here but I love the one I have. This kind of inspires me to get it out and have a play.

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    1. This palette is great ! I’m still working on the review for this as the there are so many colors , finishes to play with and mix and match . 30 colors in all , but the duochromes are amazing ! As for makeup releases , yeah there’s so many . I try to pick which ones interest me the most and then make a wishlist .


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