Wet n Wild Saved By the Bell #Relationship GoalS Glow face duo review

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Hey everyone! I ordered this on a whim because, the packaging was hilarious. No, I was never a big Saved By the Bell fan, I only rarely watched it when I was 8 and maybe a few episodes when it was on Adult Swim. You know that was kind of weird honestly as Adult Swim was mainly cartoons, but anyway this is yet another popular sitcom that has collabed with a makeup brand. The last ones were Lizzie McGuire X Colourpop , Friends X Makeup Revolution, and Hipdot X Clueless. I don’t really remember all the character’s names, aside from I think it’s Zack and his girlfriend making out on the blush/highlighter duo. Sadly my face duo came smashed and Amazon ran out of stock. So I’ll have to review this as one mixed product.


This is how it was meant to look, with a gold highlighter and peach/melon blush. 

95EA6141-6086-41C6-8E43-BB65B06697D3I tried to capture the color a bit better here, and also show off how broken it was. Both colors were mixed , so I had cantaloupe colored blush with gold shimmer. It honestly reminded me of the Pac-man Power Pellet blushlighter , which I love. It was pretty hard to open as I didn’t want to open it in desk area.  But the color is very nice and pigmented.

FB786B9B-6F66-4C55-A2F9-263C157AE8C9 It’s buildable , powdery ( also messy since its broken) and has a nice shimmer finish. It had a silky feel to it and just dabbing my brush , I was able to pick up a lot of pigment . On my cheeks it was super bright at first and I used a damp beauty blender to really subdue the color. But if you want a super bright coral/peach look this is your blush. I wanted it a bit lighter for my look but also wanted to look like I went to the beach.

D6CF7A80-43B7-45A4-9BFB-845631B1101AI applied near my eyes and cheeks more, but I was happy with the warmth it gave me .  I was trying to hide my ugly chair so I used some liitle pics from an app .   I do really like this blushlighter, even if it’s messy and broken and I think if any if you see it out in the wild totally grab it. Especially if it’s not broken, as it’s a great color and can be built up or blended out easily. Let me know what you think of this color and look .

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12 thoughts on “Wet n Wild Saved By the Bell #Relationship GoalS Glow face duo review

  1. I never liked Saved by the Bell either. I always thought it was the worst show ever on television. Especially annoying was Dustin Diamond as Screech. I don’t think he is an actor that will be missed too much!😃

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    1. Screech and Zach are really the only named characters I remember. I think there was a Stacy too . But yeah my main memory is the Adult Swim rerrun, which was so weird. I wanted to watch Space Ghost and Aqua Teens not Screech lol

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