Eve Lom InFluenster VoX Box review

9D8D2E79-85A2-4956-8E6A-E73EE8AEAFA8Hey everyone ! It’s Voxbox time ! This time from Eve Lom , and as always I was sent these items free of charge in exchange for my honest review . 

2FB2FE59-6592-4337-B4BD-4EC1046BE730The box was actually really pretty ✨. I loved the flowers and how the design wrapped around the whole box . It was one of the nicer designs I’ve seen on a vox box to be honest. 


And finally the inside. These are all full sized products too , which was pretty cool for me .

My box included the balm cleanser , radiance essence and a moisture mask. I’ll review these all separately in other posts as I would love to elaborate on what I liked and disliked with Eve Lom products .


Also I wanted to show off the cloth that came with the balm cleanser . I forgot to include this with the main product pictures . Well that’s all for now , I’ll be posting up more boxes as well . Oh and waiting on a new hair dye too! Have a good week everyone ✨🫒🦄.

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