Eve Lom Balm Cleanser review


As promised I thought I would go ahead and do a full review for the Eve Lom Balm Cleanser.This came with my Eve Lom Influenster box that was sent to me free, for reviewing purposes .


This balm came with a muslin cloth for which is helpful for removing the makeup and balm off your face . The instructions on the box say to use a small amount of balm all over your face in a circular motion. Afterwards you want to wet the muslin cloth in warm water and pat down your face 3 times with it. And after that you can slighty rub your face with the cloth and then pat down again with cold water. I’ved tried both the suggested method as well as just smearing the balm on my face and rinsing off with my hands. The cloth method seems to get the most product off my face. Plus the cloth is machine washable .


The balm itself smells very medicinal and kind of reminds me of this new age book store that I used to visit as a kid. It sold crystals, books on the occult and cool statues ,plus it smelled a lot like cloves and spices. Very much like this balm. I do like the smell but I know others may not as the cloves are very strong smelling and I would encourage everyone to spot test on thier face or skin as it may be too harsh. And yes a little goes on long way.The balm itself feels like a mix of a petroleum jelly and a melted lip balm. It’s feels grainy at first but melts on your face and fingers.

And for the main part , does this actually remove makeup ? Yes it totally does! It does a good job of it honestly, as I use this on my full makeup days. I don’t use this on my eyes though as thier pretty sensitive to the cloves , so I use coconut oil there, and the balm on the rest of my face. It does take off waterproof makeup, primer, my milk heart stamps, and whatever else I’m  wearing for the day.  As for would I buy this again? I’m not really sure. It does about the same as my coconut oil , aside from alwasy needing to cleanse off the oil with another cleanser. Although I did notice one day I didn’t wash it all the way off and had a bit of a wierd film. But it’s a very pricey product and there are other cleansers that are cheaper and don’t have the super medicinal smell. Even if it’s a smell that brings back nostalgia , it’s definitely not my favorite as I prefer fruit or coconut scents for my skin care. Plus depending on where you buy a jar can be $50 to $80. Maybe if you’re lucky you get a smaller jar for $20. But still I feel like if I were to buy a pricy skincare product I would rebuy the Osea Seaweed body oil, as that smelled amazing and does wonders for my skin.

Well let me know in the comments what you think and if you’ve ever tried any of the Eve Lom products before ? I still have two more Eve Lom items to write reviews for , so keep an eye out for those . Have a nice week everyone.



















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