eos Apricot Lip Balm Review

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I’m addicted to these things ! Any time I see a new or different flavor I have to try it. This one I ordered online through Amazon, it was more or less a last minute add on.


So the flavor with this one is Apricot , and when I first opened it , it smelled like candy . I really liked it , but sadly the texture for this one is really odd . It’s very grainy and waxy feeling , and isn’t as smooth as some of the other balms I’ve tried from EOS. I wasn’t super happy about that and wonder if maybe it was older? But at least it smells nice . Like either apricot candies or the dried apricot slices. I am currently still using it , and it does keep my lips soft, but still prefer the extra smoothness from my other EOS balms .
*Update ! I did some digging and found out it’s a temperature issue . The butters and fats separate when exposed to high heat( like being left in a car or outside ). I wonder if this was because I ordered through Amazon , so while I like the smell I may have to look for it in store. Well now I know ☺️ Let me know if you’ve ever had some grainy or weird balms before. Have a good week everyone 🫒🦄 .

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