Influenster Hot Summer Vox Box

D37768D7-E73A-4150-A1A7-FDB48440A614More Vox Box  reviews ! This one being the Influenster  Hot Summer Vox Box . As always I recieved the items here for free in exchange for my honest review.

So this is actually 1 of 4 voboxes that I was sent recently. I did some mini reviews on IG but wanted to go more in depth here. This was actually a pretty cool box in my opinion ,as there’s a full sized Redken hair spray, and Milk Makup Kush Mascara (I’ve reviewed that once on here before with the Sephora Milk  Birthday gift), and some fragrance.  So a nice mix of summer must haves , well I guess you don”t  need hair spray , but it’s nice to have.

Redken Triple Pure 32 :


 So this item I was actually pretty excited for as I’ve been wanting to style my hair a bit more but the heat can be kind of brutal , and getting my hair to stay can be tricky. This is meant to be a strong hold, neutral smelling hairspray. It’s is kinf of sticky , but once it dries , it’s not really sticky. More like just stiff. Now for the review I made a tiktok and did two looks with this hair spray. The first one I did was with my hair unbraided and wavy. I wanted to see how well it would fluff up my curls. and if it would keep my waves intact too. 


Fluffy Texture hair look and also the missing Wahala 2 look as well !



I received these products for free from Influenster and Redken in exchange for my honest review.#redkenpure32 @redken @influenster

♬ original sound – theoliveunicorn

I did a bit of a short video here on the hair spray, but I also wanted to try it with my hair a bit straighter and more lift. Kind of reminscent of scene/emo hair. Now this is where my experience changed. For the fluffy waves , I didn’t use too much hair spray and the smell wasn’t too bad but , that wasn’t the case with my second attempt.


Hair before .



Hair after ! Now my hair actually needs to be layered on top to get the really super scene look , but it did make my hair alot bigger than it was. It just took a lot of hair spray, backcombing,lifting and even more hair spray. The result is my bathroom smelled super strongly of hair spray, so even though it has a bit of neutral scent , if you use a lot like I did , your room will definitely smell strongly of product.  As for the hold , because my hair is heavier on the crown area, it didn”t stay super lifted like I would’ve liked for how many hours I had this in. But it did give my hair some lift and hold.  Now showrering and washing it out was a bit tougher as I had to condition, shampoo twice and then condition some more. So bear in mind if you use a ton for one style. In the above picture with waves I used a lot less product and had a lot easier time washing it out. Overall it’s not a bad hair spray , but if you want extreme hold for more intense spiky, or scene styles try something a little stronger. But if you want your beachwaves to hold or curls , then this is perfect.

Atelier Cologne in Orange Sanguine:



And now on to the product that was kind of meh for me. I was initially excited as I do like blood orange and fruity scents. I was hoping for something similar to Pacifica’s Ruby Grapfruit Guava roller fragrance, fruity, a little sweet but fresh smelling. This however had strong citrus zest notes, while not bad and do dissapate after a while , the other smells leave a bit of soapy smell. And not really like a bodywash soap smell, more like detergent.  I asked my Fiance’ to try it out as well as the scent is meant to be unisex, with the sandlewood and geranium. He didn’t like ( he doesn’t like a lot of colognes or fragrances), but surprisingly his main complaint was it smelled too masculine for him. He wanted a fruitier smell , and less soap. He did like that it faded quickly though as his it slightly dried out his eyes.  So for now it sits in the box and I may use it to spray around the house . It doesn’t smell bad , and it’s even a bit refreashing at first , but the soap smell is weird .  I do think it’s a personal preference and there others that may really love this .

Milk Makeup Kush Mascara 


Now on to my very favorite item in the whole box ! my holy grail Kush Mascara, my other sample has long since dried up but I was actually considering buying it again, then they sent me this box. So yay ! More Kush mascara ! This is a bigger sized travel version rather than the small version in the Sephora Birthday gift last year. The Mascara itself is housed in a metal container.


It’s slightly out of focus but this brushes are super fluffy.

And finally a look . I actually did this for the Wahala 2 review as well but here’s some upclose shots for the lashes.




So far I’ve been loving the look of my lashes with this mascara and I will probably buy this again once I run out.

Overall this was a nice little mix of beauty items , and I had fun playing around and testing them. Even the fragrance was a nice surprise , although a bit strong with soapy undertones, maybe it’s the geranium or sandlewood I’m not liking. I will have more to review up soon , plus the other Juvia’s Place palettes . And possibly some new hair dyes as well. Have a good week everyone and let me know what you think in the comment’s section.


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