A Flower Punk inspired look

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Today’s look is inspired by a promo look for Kaleidos Makeup’s Flowerpunk palette . Sadly the model wasn’t named but I’ll add a link to the IG pic.

I love how nice the colors look together and how soft it is .
I did kind of deviate from the fresh faced look and decided to add some stars and liner as my poor eyes always look like I need that extra liner . Also I don’t own Flower Punk yet but I do plan on ordering a palette from Kaleidos in the future . I did use quite a few palettes for this look including the Sugarpill Capsule palettes C1 and C2 , Juvia’s Place Warrior 3 and The Douce palettes , and Urban Decay’s Stoned Vibes palette . So let’s get down to the products and shade names ✨.
  • Nyx white shadow base
  • Sugarpill C1 and C2 will palettes , I used the matte Radiate ( charteuse ) and layered the metallic acid green , Insomniac . 
  • For the blue in the middle I used Juvia’s Place Warrior 3 palette , Kongo( shimmery sky blue ) and added a bit of glitter glue so I could layer Urban Decay’s Opal Aura (Stoned Vibes Palette. Good Karma ( the eggshell white matte) from UD Stoned Vibes was also used in my browbone.
  • The matte shade in the outer corner was a bit trickier and actually is alot brighter than in the picture. I probably should have used a lighter hand  in retrospect it looks okay with how bright the green and blue are . I used both Melody ( matte pink ) from Sugarpilll’s C1 palette and Crepes from Juvia’s the Douce palette . It’s definitely a brighter  coral than the  dusty rose color in the picture. 
  • Milk Kush Mascara
  • Rimmel Scandaleyes  kohl liner
  • Smashbox Liquid Liner ( it’s not my favorite but I’m out of my Nyx Epic liner .
  • Starlit Studios Star Stamp
  • Nyx Mashmellow Primer
  • BeautyBlender Concealer
  • Neutrogena Skin Clearing Mineral Powder
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in Paarty
  • Milk Makeup Lip +Cheek Tint in Werk on the lips.

And finally the look ! 

I probably need to grad another star stamp soon as these had to be filled in , but I was happy with the color scheme and being able to bring out some of my older palettes too .


While it is a lot bolder than the Flower Punk pic in the IG picture , I rather like it . I’ve been meaning to use Radiate ( the acid green shimmer) in more looks , but I always space on ways to incorporate it with other colors . Also I have an idea to one day buy some human hair extensions so I can add in lime green streaks . I want to have Monster High Doll hair ! But until then I’ll have to do more acid green looks .


A closed eye look to show off those nice blues and greens .


And full face look ! Well that’s it for today ! I do have more stuff coming up , just have to upload it all . Also maybe Kaleidos palette too ? I keep eying the Escape Pod and some of those fancy highlighters . Let me know what you all think ✨💚.

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