Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner Pencil in Black and Charcoal


Hey everyone ! I recently ordered some new liners , well technically three but I lost the Physicians Formula one in my purse 😅. But I was able to test out both of these Revlon Colorstay liners though. Also I decided to bleach my roots as I’m planning on adding a new color too . So that will be in another post , until then please excuse my bleached frizzy hair , the rain and humidity isn’t the greatest on bleached hair .

I really wanted to try another grey liner as I miss my Physician’s Formula Silver kajal liner . Also I decided on matte pastels to help both the black and the grey show up better . Sometimes these types of crayon liners are harder to use over metallics or shimmers .


The charcoal crayon kind of broke off on my arm , but I was able to swatch it . Along with the black both of these shades stayed on my arm even after trying to wash them off . So these are truly water proof , but can be removed with coconut oil or makeup remover . So pretty impressive .

Now on the eyes , the charcoal was a bit harder to see but would probably look nice on bare eyes . The black was actually super pigmented and I was able to do a nice cat eye and attempt to do a bit of a graphic liner . I did have problems with the crayon breaking if I pressed too hard but these pencils do come with a twist tube and sharpener . Plus a nice rubber smudger too . I haven’t tried out the the smudger part, but might for a Smokey look later .


Even though it was harder to see , I kind of liked it , it’s a bit like ghost liner . I think this would be great for a nice subtle look . I will be trying this liner out with a more neutral look sometime.


And my black liner side ! I really liked how bold the black was , it’s not quite as dark as my liquid liners but I feel like this would be great for a nice quick look . I just like doing more colorful looks when I test these out . It also probably wasn’t the greatest for graphic liner , but still wasn’t a bad product.


And yeah the two different eyes look strange , the charcoal is a lot harder to see from far away , especially with the pastel rainbow look. But overall I really liked them and they worked great in the waterline.


So that’s all for today ! I can’t wait to show off the new dye when it comes ! Have a nice week everyone ✨🌸.

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