Wet n Wild Mega Length Waterproof Mascara Review

I kept forgetting about this mascara , I had bought it in an Amazon haul a while ago , but it some how made it’s way to the bottom of my bag . Probably didn’t help that I had 3 other mascara’s too that were used regularly. But better late than never, I decided to try out the Wet n Wild Mega Length Waterproof Mascara .



The shape of the bristles is very similar to the Maybelline mascara from Influenster. But I did like the formula a bit better . It’s less prone to spider my lashes out . I do usually prefer longer bristles though when it comes to mascara wands . The formulas is very dark and is definitely waterproof as it took me a while to remove it , even with coconut oil . And now the look ! I decided to do a Smokey purple look with a mix of Pumpkin Spice palette and Juvia’s Place mini Violets .


So it does kind of bunch up , but it did make lashes look longer . I do think if you used another wand to separate the lashes this would be a great mascara . Especially for the price .



Overall it’s a nice quick mascara that’s easy to find and inexpensive. You may also like it’s waterproof benefits as well , even if it’s hard to remove later on . My best advice is to use a good mascara remover or oil based makeup remover . Well I’m hoping to upgrade my site this month , and I’ll be posting a bit more frequently soon . Wish me luck .✨🌸

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19 thoughts on “Wet n Wild Mega Length Waterproof Mascara Review

      1. It’s pretty impressive for a cross platform game that started on mobile . The gatcha system isn’t too bad either and less predatory than other games . Plus it has some nice jrpg style cinematics . I’ve been playing with my fiancé. He’s a few levels higher than me , but I always take my time with rpgs anyway.

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      2. Haha! I actually haven’t olayed the mainline Final Fantasy games , but I do love Final Fantasy Tactics War of The Lions and Grimoir Rift . Most of the Rpg’s I’ve played have been Persona , Shin Megami Tensei ; pokemon , Fire Emblem and the awful Bravely Default lol . It usually takes me forever to complete them though . Oh and I forgot Fable but that was more like an action rpg .

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      3. I’ve beat FF 1-6 – 7 was weird and I haven’t really beat it. But X was perfect in my opinion. It’s so easy to get lost in them.

        I actually have a copy of Fable 2 I picked up at a garage sale because it was fifty cents but i don’t have an Xbox and never have 😂

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      4. Aw sad . Fable 2 was my favorite out of the series . 3 was kind of all over the place , and I don’t remember much of 1 .
        I do want to play a FF game maybe 7 or X . But obviously after finishing up the KH series .

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      5. I know! I’ll eventually get an OG Xbox … someday 😂

        I think X had some of the most iconic scenes and a story that sticks with you. Everyone always loses their minds over 7 but playing from the beginning of the series it was a big change and was hard for me to get into. I haven’t tried the remake yet.

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      6. Yeah my fiancé plays them all , he wants to get the remakes once all the other half of the game is released. I do remember watching one of my friend’s play X when it came out and being blown away by the graphics and music. I do think I’ll try it first , since I have it on Ps Vita .

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