Glacier Glimmer Eye look

I meant to post this look sooner , but Genshin Impact called to me , so I’ve been spending a lot of time playing that, plus a few other things . But I still wanted to post these pictures as I loved how it turned out and I love blue eye looks. Even though years ago when I was teen , blue sometimes cringed people out . But with all the new blue shades on the market , along with finishes , it’s the best time to wear blue . And this look used Juvia’s Place Wahala , Glamlite’s Glam Donut , and Urban Decay’s Stoned Vibes palettes.

  • Nyx White shadow base
  • Nyx Glitter glue for the shimmer shades.
  • Glamlite Glam Donut ,  Frosty the matte turquoise shade . I used this in my crease and part of my brow as a transition. 
  • Juvia’s Place Wahala palette , I used Love (matte  cyan blue ) in my V and crease and blended it with Frosty and partially on the bottom of my eyelid as a liner . Afterwards with glitter glue , I added the shimmer duochrome shade , Envy . I love this shade as it has some pinky lavender , with a light blue reflect . It’s a magical shade . 
  • and with my finger I decided to blend in Ojo from Urban Decay’s Stoned Vibes . This color really shines with all the blue. It has a bit of an ocean look to it. And Opal Aura was used in the inner corner of my eyes . 
  • Nyx Epic Liner
  • Wet n Wild Lengthening Mascara
  • Nyx Lip Butter gloss in Marshmallow and Blueberry Tart.
  • E.L.F Jelly Pop watermelon Primer
  •  Beauty Blender Bounce Concealer in Neutral Olive.
  • Neutrogena Powder Foundation in Nude 40

And the finished look ! 




I tried to take take multiple shots to show off the colors and shift . Also closer up you can see the purple shimmer but from afar it looks more icy blue . 






Overall I was pretty happy with the blues and wore some other blue looks last week as well . I will have Wahala 2 up soon , which is a ton of duo-chromes and blues . So looking forward to that as well trying out uploading videos to show off the shift in one of the special shades . That’s all for now but I do want to post more since I have more room for pictures ✨ Have a good week everyone 🫒🦄.

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