Fenty Cheeks Out Freestyle Blush in Drama Cla$$ Review

IMG_0878 (2)

So I did it ! I decided to finally try out the Fenty Cheeks Out Freestyle blush . I’ve been eying this product for a while and it has been on my wishlist since Fenty released these last year. Of course the color that caught my attention the most is the violet purple blush, Drama Cla$$. So I ordered this along with one of the Fenty Highlighter match stix . Time for some extreme blush looks !

IMG_0876 (2)

And lets take a look at the packaging , the compact is actually pretty small , but I can see this being a good thing if you’re on the go as it doesn’t take that much room in your purse or makeup bag.

IMG_0884 (2)

IMG_0880 (2)

In the pan it’s a very nice violet purple . Kind of reminds me of the Fenty lipstick Purpsicle . It’s pretty vibrant.

IMG_0889 (2)

As for the swatch, it’s still very purple but not as violet looking . I like that you can build up the color too , so it can be sheer or insanely purple . I used my finger for the swatch , but I noticed the cream was really nice . It’s creamy but not greasy and melted into my skin. I actually like this formula compared to say the Milk Makeup Cheek + and lip tint. It was easier to work with and less greasy. The first time I used this on my cheeks , I used my foundation and a synthetic brush. It did seem like it took a few times for my brush to pick up the blush , but I was able to build it up. I think I was nervous at first , since I was worried I would have too much . But this was okay since I was able to build it up. I went for a more eighties look , trying to drape my blush a bit . Using my BeautyBlender, I tried to buff it out a bit which worked a little too good and I had to add a bit more .
And here’s the look ! Purple cheeks !

650a03d4-86eb-4357-af2e-076a9ccd514a (2)

It does look a bit more of a pinky purple on my cheeks , but it was definitely very bright . I meant to go lighter on my eyelids but , it came out slightly neon .
I do feel like a certain angles it looked more purple . But I’ll let you all decide .

18fad1ce-ae16-47d3-bf57-ef7aa1b51da3 (2)



dbf12ff5-d307-4f50-96fd-49c14e20ca65 (2)

Side view now with Unicorn Highlighter .

And a sneak peak of my Laura Mercier tint look , I diffused Drama Cla$$ a lot with my blender. Plus I had to use my fingers rather than the brush.

c240ff38-6f2c-4b3e-99c5-3c31c52cdbeb (2)

Overall I would say this blush is amazing and I love the texture and color. It’s easy to build up or diffuse , plus the novelty of having a purple blush is great. Definitely pick try this if you want a slightly different color than common pink or peach shades. I do want to try a few of the other shades in this line. So let me know what Fenty Cheeks Out colors you like and if you’ve ever tried any interesting shades of blush.



12 thoughts on “Fenty Cheeks Out Freestyle Blush in Drama Cla$$ Review

    1. Thanks ! I believe Crush on Cupid was another shade I was looking at too . But I wanted to try the most unusual color as it’s really hard to find a purple or violet blush .


  1. This looks so so petty…based on my medium dark (brown) complexion I once tried lottie london blush brush zac..which looked very dark on pan but on cheek it was warm and good..the most weird experimental was wet n wild limited edition black cream blush which turns sheer pink but in no time they just vanish

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  2. Wow that looks amazing on you! I usually wear warm-toned blush since my skin has yellow undertones, but sometimes cooler colors work for me, like Instain’s “Lace”. I’ve heard really good things about Fenty makeup.

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