Clarion Angelfish look

I did one more look for the Nature is Bold challenge . Today’s inspiration was from the Clarion Angelfish. This is beautiful bright fish from the Pacific Ocean near Mexico . They are found near clear rocky reefs and like to eat sponges, algae, and small invertebrates. Also the juveniles have the metallic blue stripes and are a bit brighter . As they age these disappear. So my look today is based on a juvenile of the Clarion Angelfish .


Products used :

  • Juvia’s Place The Warrior 3 palette , Gola for the bright blue crease, Jarawa for the darker reddish orange . And Kongo for the shimmery blue stripes.
  • Juvia’s Place Zulu palette , I used the bright orange for the inner corner of  my eye . I also tried using the green shimmer on part of the stripes but it didn’t show up as well.
  • Urban Decay’s Electric palette , Chaos for the  dark blue in the crease , Freak for the green stripe , and Gonzo for the blue stripe . I layered both of these shades over the Zulu stripes . I think they worked better being layered .
  • Sugarpill Capsule Pink , I used the dark blie SlowDive and blended that over Chaos and Gola.Also Radiate (lime matte) was used on the bottom of my eyes . With Radiate from the Orange Capsule layered on top .Plus Retrograde was used for my peach blush . 
  • And Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon’s Divinity was used in my brow bone to diffuse Gola a bit.



A9E68E58-CE53-4E0E-A311-87681BE9650B0D6E98F6-7925-4FF1-AAB3-9C1019764DA2I do think the stripes could’ve been a bit better but I my have to get smaller brush and a less greasy shadow base next time . Oh and yes I totally cut the crease before adding the oranges . Well that is all for now . I may do a few more nature looks later . But for now I’ll leave some links about the Clarion Angelfish.




11 thoughts on “Clarion Angelfish look

    1. Thanks ! I’m glad you liked it . It was a bit more challenging compared to my other looks . I think it’s the whole pairing blues and oranges , as it can be easy for them to muddy .


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