Colourpop QT Mark Face Stamp Pink Heart Review

My order from Colourpop finally came! my reason for ordering from them was to get this adorable ♥️Stamp. I originally thought it was red , but pink is still very cute , and I planned on wearing it for a Valentine’s look. When it finally came the box was a little banged up. But at least the stamp still worked.

IMG_0457 (2)

IMG_0474 (2)

IMG_0476 (2)The packaging is pretty standard and light, heart is pink, but can look red depending on the light. It is a bit more sheer than I wanted though. And it does slightly bleed or at least it did when I used it on my hands.

IMG_0480 (2)They’re like bleeding hearts here lol.

IMG_0483 (2)And compared to my other Milk Stamp and Starlit Studio stamp(which is starting to dry out). I still like the Milk Stamp a little better as it’s a better stamp and has more staying power.

At first I was kind of disappointed, as I bought a red liner (which I’ll also review ) and it didn’t quite work for what I intended to use it for. I had this idea to do a red and pink leopard look with hearts and this stamp did not show up very well on my powder shadows. I didn’t take pictures as it was a slight disaster. But I tried it out the next day on it’s own for Valentine’s Day , and it worked a bit better. Here’s my Sweet Pink’s Valentine’s look with heart freckles.

IMG_0536 (2) The hearts are very sheer , like you can see them but I would’ve liked a bolder pink or red. It seems like that might better for layering over eyeshadows or if you had a deeper skin tone.

101_1064 (3)

Even though it’s cute I still like the Milk one better , but I do like the idea of having a stamp in another color. It’s very cute , but subtle. I do think Milk should release some new stamps in different colors, like have an assortment of rainbow colors , that showed up well on all skin tones. Like who doesn’t want a bright lime green star, or vibrant red heart. The price for this little stamp is $8 which I guess isn’t too bad and if you order it as an add on item it might not be too bad. But I wish it was brighter and not quite as patchy. I had to dip a small brush onto the stamp to fill in two of my hearts on my face. So while not a bad product, its just a bit mediocre but cute♥️. So let know what you think in the comment’s section about this little stamp? have tried any other Colourpop products ? 



7 thoughts on “Colourpop QT Mark Face Stamp Pink Heart Review

  1. I’ve tried their Freckle Pen, and while they do kinda look like real freckles, they look ridiculous on someone over 30 (which, sadly, I am LOL!) I think the heart stamp is very cute, but too young for me. I like the way it looks for younger women. I really like the hearts look you did!

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