Juvia’s Place Sweet Pink Palette Review

IMG_0196 (2)

After much debate , I decided to try the Sweet Pink Palettes as I have both mini purples. I was considering the Mauves too, but I took to long and it sold out. Which I still may try that out, but I’m still happy to try this pink palette. The pictures online do not do it justice. I was honestly worried about duping some of the pinks in here with some of my other shadows , but that wasn’t the case as these were nice warm toned pinks, with come peach and coral tones.

IMG_0204 (2)


IMG_0223 (2)


I tried to take two picture to really show off the varieties of pink. There’s two shimmer shades (Neon pink and neon fuchsia ), and one satin pink ( it’s a nice rose shade), three mattes ( a lighter peachy pink . neon coral pink, and cooler toned neon fuchsia). I really do think this palette gives Urban Decay’s Savage a run for its money in brightness and vibrancy.

And now finally some looks:

Super Pink Glam look

I went a bit crazy with makeup for this look . I used the neon matte pink and the neon matte fuchsia , as well as both pink shimmers. Plus a ton of Pac-man blushlighter, concha highlighter, and Tarte blush. I was really going for colorful and bold.

101_1025 (2)Kind of whatever lighting but you can see the warmth of the pink shimmer.

IMG_0393 (2)And here you can see the nice reflective sparkles . These are literally like no other pink shades in my collection.

I had to try different angles. and also mess my hair up, I was going for an 80s look sort of.

Strawberries and Chocolate look:

Usually with these looks I try to only use the feature palette but I wanted to branch out and show how nice it looks when you pair the pinks with some neutrals, and in honor of Valentine’s Day I decided on pulling out Chocolat, Berry Mousse and Tart from the JP Douce palette. From the Sweet Pink’s I used the neon matte pink, the lighter matte peachy pink, and shimmery neon pink . 

IMG_0315 (2)

IMG_0308 (2)

I liked how the chocolate shade and the lighter shimmer really toned down the pink a bit, it’s still there but a bit less in your face. So if you have chocolate shades that you want to use, they pair super well with this palette.

And finally my third look for the review, I used both the matte fuchsia shade, I blended it in with my fluffy brush and tried to shape it around my eye . I did grab Mai Tai Me Up from the Papaya Pop palette for my brow bones to make the fuchsia shade less harsh. And then added the nice satin shade , its a nice rose pink with a bit of a peach shift. And the underneath my eyes I used the bright matte neon pink. and done. Well I decided to add some blush(Sugarpill Retrograde, Tarte Paarty) some Concha Highlighter ( which I still need to review , and some Colourpop heart stamps.

Probably used way too much flash but I wanted to show off how nice the satin shimmer looks. It’s hard to get a good pic up close where it doesn’t look matte.  I did have one other look for Valentine’s day but I didn’t take pics or rather my friend took pics , but I don’t know if you can see the colors as good.  So I’ll work on recreating that look later.

Overall I had a lot of fun with this palette and I’ve used it a lot this month. It pairs well with neutrals, and any other bright colors you may have in your collection. I appreciate that it’s a nice warm pink color story, and that it’s super bright and pigmented. I would definitely recommend to those who love pink, bright colors and needed a nice small inexpensive palette to try out. I still want to get the mauves but I may lay low on palettes for a bit as I still have the Warrior 3 to try out. Well that’s it for now . Let me know what you think of The Sweet Pinks palette and if you have any other Juvia’s Place mini palettes to recommend .




13 thoughts on “Juvia’s Place Sweet Pink Palette Review

  1. They look fantastic on you! Pinks aren’t for everyone. I definitely can’t wear them. I love the looks you did, they are fun and vibrant. I’m still thinking of getting The Mauves if it comes back in. Some mauves look okay on me, if they aren’t too pinky.

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