Valentine’s Chocolate Strawberry Look

So I actually have another Valentine’s day look that I want to try out but thought it would be fun to first try out a look with The Juvia’s Place Sweet Pinks and Juvia’s Place Douce palette. I still need to review mini pink palette but I wanted to try it out first with a chocolate shade.

  • I started out with the Sweet Pink’s Palette; I used the matte neon pink (it’s actually brighter than Urban Decay’s Savage from the Electric palette). This was used in my crease, and the lighter coral pink was used under my eyes, the shimmery neon pink was used in the middle of my eye.
  • I thought the Douce would pair well with this palette. I used the shade Chocolat in my V, and Tart( pearl pink shimmer) in my inner corner, and Berry Mousse in my brow. I blended Berry Mousse a bit to diffuse the matte neon pink in my crease.
  • Of course before I started all this I used Nyx white shadow base
  • Nyx Epic Liner
  • Milk Heart tattoo stamp
  • Milk Kush Mascara
  • BeautyBlender concealer in 2.20
  • Neutrogena powder foundation in Nude 40
  • Multiple L.A Colors lipglosses, (they’re not very good :P)

IMG_0315 (2)

IMG_0308 (2)

IMG_0312 (2) I think I could’ve blended the chocolate a bit better , but it was a quick look for the day. I want to play around more with The Sweet Pink’s palette . It’s definitely bright but can blended out and plays nicely with my other palettes.  Well let me know what you think of the colors and if you tried the Sweet pink’s palette before or The Douce. 




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