Glamlite Haul !

It finally came in later last night but my Glamlite Donut and Concha are here! They’ve been on my wishlist for a while. I was considering the Ice Cream Dream palette but it sold out as soon as it was restocked. But I still wanted to try Glamlite anyway.

IMG_6504 (2)I was pretty impressed with how they arrived all wrapped in bubble wrap, and the palette is sealed as well.  I have more pictures of the Donut and concha but I have decided I will do a full review once I start playing around with color combinations. For now I’ll leave you all with a quick eye look that I did using the Glam donut palette. I used mainly blues, purples and the included donut highlighter. It’s a bit of white gold shimmer and looks great in person. As with the shimmer purple and blue, they have an amazing wet look to them. The light blue went on sheer at first with the fluffy brush but it applied better when I used another pigment brush. 

CE7F9C65-E83C-4428-989B-73806D2CA7CBSo I’ll have more looks up soon ! I’m really excited to try out this palette and concha highlighter. Plus I need to upload more reviews as well. January is a bit of slow month for me to get motivated . Have a good week everyone, and let me know what you think of Glamlite products. Have you tried them and which one was your favorite?



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