Maple and Cocoa Glam look

So I originally planned on doing this look for my Glamlite Donut review but I wanted a darker cocoa smoky look to show off the shimmer of Maple. So I reached for my Too Faced Pumpkin Spice palette . I didn’t add any highlighter today as I wanted to keep the eyes and my lips the focus. I was pretty happy with how it came out and Maple is definitely one of my favorite shimmer shades from the Glam Donut. It just happens to work really well with Too Faced’s Pumpkin Spice too, and probably the darker chocolate shades in my Chocolate Bon Bons, The Douce and Orange Capsule palettes.

  • Nyx white shadow base
  • I used Glamlite Glam Donut palette with the shade Jelly (bright pink matte)Maple(copper/ rose-gold shimmer shade) and Chocolate (the matte brown). Chocolate was actually a bit too light for the look I wanted and didn’t do Maple enough justice. Also I did use Glazed (highlighter shade)in my inner corners. The really helped to brighten my entire look up.
  • I used the Too Faced Pumpkin Spice palette , Whipped Cream ( white eggshell matte) for my brow and Cocoa Drizzle ( nice smoky dark chocolate matte) over Chocolate in my V and lower lashes. This really helped to add a nice smoked out look.
  • Nyx Epic Liner
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Brag Mascara
  • Finished up with Maybelline Powder Matte lipstick in Concrete Jungle

IMG_0025 (2) I was finally able to capture the amazing shimmer in this picture. I also appreciated how nice and bright Jelly was for a pink shade. It was really easy to blend in with my fluffy brush.

IMG_0014 (2)

I know my head was angled a bit weird so the Maple shimmer is more or less a strip, but I liked how the pink and cocoa colored look. This maybe one of my favorite ways to wear these shades.  I still need to find a way to wear Chocolate from the Glam Donut, as I would like to show it off for the review. It’s kind of an odd shade in the palette as I think it could’ve been a darker brown color to make smoky eyes. Good thing I have quite a bit of palettes with color to smoke out the other Donut shades. Well the rest of the review for Glamlite should be up soon. See ya then . 



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