EOS Holiday Lip Balm Stick and Sphere, Whipped Vanilla Frost and Strawberry Cheer Review

IMG_6295 (2)

I saw these at my local Target , and was excited to try a new holiday set . I bought this set and one other holiday bundle as well . That one I will review a bit later as it’s 4 pack . So I’m definitely good on lip balms for a while .

IMG_6299 (2)

When opening the pack I noticed that both the sphere and stick have a nice pearlescent sheen to it . It’s most noticeable on the Strawberry Cheer balm. Which is bright pink with a blue sheen . It’s pretty cute and festive💕


Strawberry Cheer was the first balm I used , and I loved the scent . It reminded me of a strawberry candy . But when I put it on my lips , it finally came to me , it’s like a Strawberry Fanta soda flavor with a hint of lime. This may be one of my favorite scents and flavors so far . As I love Strawberry Fanta but I don’t drink it often . As for the texture it’s super smooth and glides on my lips. It’s also pretty moisturizing too without being greasy or overly oily .


And now on to the Whipped Vanilla Frost stick. It also has a nice pearlescent sheen. Opening it up and smelling it for the first time I noticed it had a very nice vanilla scent . It’s very light and not overpowering , but still definitely a nice vanilla dessert smell . Kind of like vanilla ice cream . It’s super smooth as with most of the EOS Shea butter balms .

I think of the two I liked the Strawberry Cheer flavor the best . It’s pretty unique with the hint of lime , and I think would make a great summer flavor as well . So lets hope they bring it back in a single .

After a while I try out the four pack . Well hope everyone’s New Year was fun ! I’ll post some new stuff soon .


4 thoughts on “EOS Holiday Lip Balm Stick and Sphere, Whipped Vanilla Frost and Strawberry Cheer Review

  1. I just bought EOS in Nov for the first time. I think it’s just the plain balm. I have very dry lips and I heard a lot of good things about EOS. Unfortunately, it didn’t help with the dryness. Burt’s Bees Shimmers are still Number One in my book! I like the EOS shaving cream though, it makes my legs soft without needing lotion after I shave. Anyway, fun review! The strawberry scent sounds good.

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    1. I’ve tried the regular Burt’s Bee’s which I also like. But I’ve yet to try the Burt’s Bee’s shimmers. I may try those out. Thanks for the recommendation:) And yes the strawberry scent is one of my favorites.

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