Wet n Wild Pac-Man Shine Kit Review

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So today is a special post. A friend of mine suggested that I try out a few of the Wet n Wild sets, and the one that caught my eye the most was the Pac-Man set. So this post is dedicated to my friend 🙂 As it was kind of a good fit for me as well. As you know I’m a bit of an 80’s aesthetic enthusiast . I love synthwave, bold eye colors (like Jem) and neon. And I played a bit of Pac-Man ( I liked Ms. Pac-Man better though), too. So lets go into the review.

IMG_5578 (2)

That packaging though! I do love the box art, and how it has the ghosts and maze wrapped around.

IMG_5590 (2)

IMG_5633 (2)

And even the inside is yellow with the Pac-Man fruits. It’s actually pretty cool packaging.

So now to look at the individual products. The first item I would like to talk about and one of the major reasons I wanted this is this awesome eye brush.

IMG_5660 (2)

I love this brush, and it has become one of my favorite brushes that I own. It’s so cute, with the Pac-Man and confetti. I know Wet n Wild has similar brushes with Kuromi and My Melody (which I want as well) but I really loved the Pac-Man brush. The brush itself is synthetic and rounded. So it was easy to pick up pressed pigments and kind of blend them in. I was a bit more cautious washing this, as my two other Wet n Wild brushes logo has disappeared. So that’s something to be mindful about. Thankfully it doesn’t affect the confetti inside the handle.


Now on the the Power Pellets Blushlighter!

IMG_5645 (2)

IMG_5655 (2)

I love how the pellets look like candy! They are super cute and the color is a rosy peach with some shimmer. Sadly this didn’t translate too well with my swatch but better on my actual cheeks. So I’ll show pics of the blushlighter when I review the eye palette. But here is the best swatch pic I could get.

IMG_5875 (2)

And finally I’ll get to the Game Over eye palette.

IMG_5635 (2)


IMG_5642 (2)

For this palette we get 9 colors, all Pac-Man themed and bright. What really makes this palette cute and special is the imprints of Pac-Man and the Ghosts in the actual palette. I honestly tried to be careful the 3 times I’ve used this palette so as not to damage the little stamps. The shadows themselves are a bit of mixed bag. The dark blue and the purple are a bit fussy to work with and I had to blend in pink for the purple to really spread out. The two shimmers, the orange and white were really easy to use . I liked using the white shimmer especially as a inner corner or brow highlighter. The yellow was a bit dry and powdery to but seemed to look better as the color sat on skin longer. The Pink, and matte orange all worked well and blended out nicely. Also the light aqua had to be patted on and sometimes cracked a bit. And the brown I’ve only really used once for another look as a neutral shade. I didn’t get to take a pic of that look but it’s your standard neutral sandy tan color. Good for a transition shade, but I honestly felt like they could’ve made this color a neon red for Blinky(red ghost) or even a black color to kind of go a bit more with the Pac-Man theme.  Also I would’ve made the blue a bit more of a colbalt blue instead of this more navy hue.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of it , but it may be because it was hard to apply too. 


So for the swatches I used no primer but for my actual eye looks I used a white shadow base for the colors to really pop. My first look I had some issues with the dark blue and had to try blend in the lighter blue to salvage it. My inspiration was 80’s nightclub makeup, and I used the blushlighter for the first time. 

IMG_5688 (2)

As you can see the purple, dark blue and yellow were having some issues , but I really liked the sparkle of the white shimmer on my brows.

IMG_5684 (2)

I felt like the makeup looked better from further away . I put a bit more Blushlighter so it would show up in pictures. As it’s way more sheer in person. So if you like nice sheer hybrid blush/highlighter looks this may be the product for you.

IMG_5692 (2)

As for this second look I decided to skip the Power Pellets and just go for a bold eye look. This time I used Pink, Orange, the bright aqua color, white shimmer and a bit of purple on the bottom of my eyes. I’m a huge fan of the bright pink as it blends well and is super bright. The aqua did crack a bit and had to be re-applied though, it’s still a bit brighter than I expected.

IMG_5807 (2)

 Also the orange on my inner corner turned a bit reddish, maybe that’s supposed to be Blinky’s color lol.


And for the final look I wanted to use the yellow again. this time around my eyes, with the white shimmer as brow highlighter and placed in the inner corner. I initially used pink in the V and part of of my crease. But it started to look a bit more orange So I added the matte orange , which then turned it to more a red-neon orange. I then placed the orange and white shimmers down, and mixed both pink and purple for the bottom of my eyes


IMG_5850 (2)

And for the rest of my look I used the Power Pellets and Fenty Purpsicle witha bit of gloss.

IMG_5856 (3)


So this was a pretty fun set to work with. I did have some issues with some of the eye shadows, but I think this would be great for someone who is just starting with colors , or a collector who loves Pac-Man or Wet n Wild sets. My favorite thing was probably the blushlighter and the brush. But I will be using the bright pink and the shimmers quite a bit with some of my other palettes. 

I would like to thank my Good Friend for the recommendation and I dedicate this post to her 🙂 



18 thoughts on “Wet n Wild Pac-Man Shine Kit Review

  1. Ooh that is such a lovely set! I really find the brush adorable! I also like the colours though it has a bit to much yellow which I think would not be my colour!.. But it makes sense!
    I loved the pink turqoise make up you did .
    Those power pellets just look adorable as well!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely check out the power pellets if you can . They are so much fun . And yes the brush is my favorite 💕 surprisingly I don’t have that many yellows in my collection , so it’s kind if nice . And thanks ☺️✨


  2. this was a fun palette to look at but not to purchase in my opinion, they typically don’t do colored eyeshadows well and they did look a bit lackluster to me. even so, pac-man is iconic and this would be something to have as a collectible of some sort 🙂
    thanks for sharing, love the warm look 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I’m probably not going out of my way to grab another Wet n Wild palette any time soon . But I do love the brush and blushlighter . I can honestly say my Juvia’s Place and Sugarpill colors are easier to work with and show up brighter.

      Liked by 1 person

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