Garnier Whole Blends Moisturizing Almond Milk & Agave Extract Shampoo Review


Hey everyone ! Time for some shampoo-posting . I decided to give this Whole Blends Almond Milk and Agave Extract shampoo a try . As it’s for dry hair and with winter coming up , my hair does tend to dry out more . So I bought two online , but they were out of conditioner . So I paired this with the silicone free coconut and aloe conditioner by Whole Blends. The review for that is here if you would like to check that one out.


So I decided to take a picture of the back so you can see the ingredients . What has really made me happy with this shampoo is that it’s lightweight and doesn’t weigh hair down . While still moisturizing my hair . This is pretty important for bleached and dyed hair . Also it hasn’t pulled too much of my hair color out either . Which is always a plus for me . Of course I don’t shampoo every day , choosing condition most days and only shampooing about twice a week . Sometimes more if I’m exercising more . As for the fragrance , its a very light , almondy , almost like vanilla smell . It honestly reminds me of Horchata ( sweetened rice drink). It’s not overwhelming but is still very nice and subtle. I think next time I would love to try the conditioner out as well .

I think this is a good winter shampoo as well as color friendly too . So I would definitely recommend this if you like lightweight moisturizing shampoo . And the smell is super nice too . Well thats it for today . Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these Whole Blend’s shampoo’s and conditioners.



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