Oil Slick Galaxy Look

Hey everyone I meant to post this up yesterday but instead showed it off on IG. It took me multiple pictures to really show how dimensional this look is. I got the idea from looking at some multichrome shadow looks on Instagram. I decided to use pretty much all my duochrome shadows from both the Wahala Palette as well as the Nubian Royal, and Sugarpill’s Orange capsule.

  • From Wahala I used Pride (for my brow, it’s a matte mauve-grey), Sis (it’s matte charcoal black, in the inner corner V) Power (it’s blackened oil slick green with teal shift),  Unafraid( its a metallic purple with some blue shift, it’s used in my inner corner) and Envy( it’s the super shimmer lilac, with some blue and white shift).
  • From Sugarpill Orange Capsule I used the wonderfully bright Teal, Skyrise, it’s super blue and has a great almost glitter like texture.
  • And finally from The Royal Nubian I used the  purple metallic shade with a slight pink and (sometimes silver shift).

All of these shades have a wonderful shift to them and change depending on the lighting . I’ll go ahead and show off some pics from my iphone as well as my digital cameras. Also I layered Power over the matte black to give my eyes a bit more dimension.



9e2f7bcb-8172-4ed0-9e6b-fcdedfd509b7 (2)

100_0662 (2)

IMG_5955 (2)

100_0678 (2)

I think so far this has been one of my favorite looks recently, I love the shift of all the colors and now I may make a warm toned version of it as well. Also did you guys know Juvia’s Wahala II may have a trichrome shadow in it as well. It may make my Christmas list soon. Well that is all for now , I still need to upload previous looks and reviews soon. Let me know what you think of duochromes, Multichrome or any other kind of shift shadows.


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