Twitch streaming is coming ..


So today I’m excited to say I’m a bit closer to my goal of doing some live video streams on Twitch .  So if any of you guys are new to Twitch , its online streaming site where people mostly stream video games , but can also be used for makeup , book reading, live music , or art . I’ve been wanting to do this for a while but I had to get a few things , like a web cam, set up my computer, and also add curtain for privacy. Also I need to go on root patrol and rebleach my roots .

So whats cool about Twitch for me is I can basically do Q&A and interact in real time . I will still be writing my blog and posting reviews too, as I do enjoy writing and posting pictures for everyone to see . But I will also post a link to my Twitch account so you guys can check out the live stream or past videos . So whenever The Wahala palette arrives I plan on doing a live stream on Twitch for swatches and a look . I’ll definitely post more info once things are set up .


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