Lipstick Appreciation Post ! Lots of pics and new hair !

Hey everyone! Yesterday I missed Lipstick Apreciation Day , but I still wanted to post some pics. Also I’m almost ready to redo my roots , so I decided I would experiment with a new hair color . I used One n Only Argan Oil Pastel Aqua dye diluted with some conditioner. And I now have space unicorn hair ! I’ll probably go back to my normal Neon Pink after I do my roots , but this was fun for in between styles .Also please not I change lighting and cameras between shots to try to best capture the color of my hair and lips . So some pics I’m pasty , and others I’m a bit more warmed toned .

IMG_4785 (2)
This shot wa so you can see the silvery blue shades in my hair, it was all really random when I dyed my hair.

So I started out using Fenty mattemoiselle lipstick in Ya Dig (its a periwinkle blue) and later topped it off with Fenty Poutsicles in Motor Boat( its bright kind of Aqua blue) , afterwards I blended in Go Deep ( deep turquoise blue ) and Purpsicle into the core of my lips . Afterwards I swipped on LimeCrime’s Black Unicorn lip topper . I used both cameras and different lighting to show off  how the lipstick looks. The pic on the left is closer to my skin tone’s actual color, but the picture on the left has the actual color of my lipstick.

100_0115 (2)
Icy lips!

Now for the next Lip experiment, I wanted to go with what I intended, a nice reverse kind of ombre look. I started out by using coconut oil to exfoliate my lips and remove all the lipsticks. Afterwards I decided to go with Motorboat around my lips, and tried to blend in Go Deep closer to the core ( is that what its called?)afterwards I used Nyx Amethyst liquid lip in the middle of the core. I didn’t like the blend so I used another lipstick brush and blended more Go Deep into Amethyst. I still need to work on my blending , but it was really fun and vibrant.

100_0133 (2)
This one came out pretty nice.
100_0138 (2)
I’m so mean looking lol

And for my next look instead of taking this color off, I tried using some different Too Faced lip products.  I applied the Blue You Away lip glaze over the lighter blue around my mouth and for the middle core I used the Too Faced Melted Matte-Talic lip transformer on top of Nyx Amethyst.  I blended the colors with a separate brush to make them look a little less harsh.

And finally I decided to apply the Matte-Talic Transformer shade all over my lips and came up with the final look.

100_0151 (2)

Happy Lipstick Appreciation Day everyone! I may have almost hit pan on my Too Faced Matte-Talic Transformer shade. Which makes a bit sad but at least I have a ton of other lipsticks to wear, even if I have to wear them mainly at home. Have a good weekend everyone and stay safe:)



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