Too Faced Juicy Fruits Watermelon Candy Finish Lip Gloss : A Melon Reasons Review

So I decided to try another  Too Faced Tutti Frutti item , this time from the watermelon collection. They were out of the coral shade ,  Bump & Rind, but the peachy nude shade looked  pretty nice . Plus I don’t have too many nude peach glosses in my collection . So on to the review. 🍑  🍉

Too Faced Watermelon🍉Collection

And yes it was my fiancé’s idea to take the pic of the watermelon in the Too Faced Box😂

So the packaging is very nice , similar to the Juicy Fruits blue candy gloss I reviewed here Too Faced Tutti Frutti Juicy Fruits Comfort Lip Glaze : Blue You Away Review . You guys can check that if you want to compare the two.

IMG_4880 (2)

IMG_4887 (2)

I really like the little box it comes in, the metallic green sides and pink with black seeds pattern is very cute. As you can see in the tube its very shimmery. It’s definitely more a peach shimmer gloss.

IMG_4882 (2)

The intense shimmer though, you can really see the sort of peach/gold shift.

IMG_4899 (2)

Sadly I wasn’t able to get the get a pic of the shimmer in the swatch. Everything was a bit off. but this is how it looks with not a lot of light. Its a really nice peach nude color. As for the formula itself, it smells like watermelon candy. The texture is a bit tacky and sticky. Actually more so than the Tutti Fruiti Blue You Away candy gloss. The applicator is a fluffy doe foot style brush. I will admit that I had a bit of issue with full coverage when I applied the gloss to my lips. Blue you away was way more opaque . I wonder if a nude peach lip liner would help.

IMG_4915 (2)

For this look I used the Too Faced Papaya palette to keep with a nice fruit theme. This is with flash in my new photography and streaming area. I’m not sure about the beige curtain ,it was supposed to be grey lol.

IMG_4902 (2)

I finally got a good picture of the peach shimmer. It looks a bit patchy though. so for sure this would be better over a solid peach lipstick or lip liner. I feel if I was to wear this out I would have to reapply if I wear to drink or eat.  But I do like the actual color and shimmer. it works great for some of my peach/coral or pink looks. 

IMG_4922 (2)

And here it is in white lighting. It definitely looks more subtle.   So its kind of a funny product, I like the smell and color, plus the shimmer , but I wish it covered my lips better. I think for the price ($5 and free shipping) it wasn’t bad but for the full price which was originally $20. I don’t think it would be worth it. maybe I’ll grab one of the new Juvia’s Peach nude lipsticks to wear with this. Well that’s all for today, but I plan on uploading my Juvia’s Place Wahala palette review soon. I’ve been busy testing out different looks and color combos plus setting up my room for live streams.  Hope everyone has a good start of the week . Take care.




9 thoughts on “Too Faced Juicy Fruits Watermelon Candy Finish Lip Gloss : A Melon Reasons Review

    1. Lol ! We had the watermelon for snacks and , he just put the Too Faced Sticker on it . I’m like hey wait stick in the box😂😂
      And thanks ☺️ I was waiting to review the gloss since it looked better with the pink hair .

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