Too Faced Papaya Pop Palette Review


Yay ! they finally restocked and put it on sale! I know it seemed like a super gimmicky , and we’ve probably seen the colors before . But something about this palette seemed really cute . Now online there’s not too many pictures or video reviews of Papaya Pop, and I honestly had no idea how this would look on my skin. So I went into this kind of blind with only a few swatches shown online. Also I tried out a liquid concealer, it was a bit too light . But I topped it off with my normal powder foundation and added some blush to look a bit more normal.

First off lets check out the cute packaging.

IMG_4677 (2)

IMG_4680 (2)
Back so you can see the ingredients.
Super shiny and cute . I love the papaya art.
IMG_4688 (2)
Names are on the back .
IMG_4693 (2)
The Duochrome, Umbrella Drinks is hard to photograph but it has a pink shift.
IMG_4699 (2)
You can see it a bit better here. Its a nice gold peach to rose shift. Now if only it had a green shift too and it could be the perfect dupe for VR Sextraterrestial .

So the packaging is really nice with a hard plastic cover with the cute papaya art and the bottom is this nice possibly plastic but feels kind of like metal shell. The magnet closes well, and it feels totally secure enough to put in your bag. The names are on the back and I may have the mixed up but I’ll do my best as I know Umbrella Drinks is the awesome duochrome. The shadows themselves smell really nice , kind of like Papaya candies. This is my third scented palette from Too Faced, but I didn’t find the small overbearing.

And now for Swatches. I took multiple photos but I will only post two of the better ones to show off the shift of Umbrella Drinks.

IMG_4712 (2)
From Top to Bottom :Mai Tai Me Up, Island Fling, Ay Papaya, Umbrella Drinks, Papaya Don’t Preach, W’sup Beaches , and Bikini Optional.
IMG_4715 (2)
I used a different lighting here and you can see the difference in colors. 

The shadows themselves are buttery and light, but can be built up. The lightest pink color is a very pastel pink but I was bale to build it up, the other colors were awesome and could just swiped on my arm. I was impressed with the yellow shade as it does look like an actual papaya color. The light shimmer is very sheer but can be built up and used on the inner corners of the eyes or as a brow highlight. I really liked the dark plum color and it was surprisingly easy to work with. And of course my favorite Umbrella Drinks had a slight glittery feel to it but I was able to pat it on my eyes with a pigment brush for a cute look. There was some fallout but I cleaned it up with some tissue before I did my face.

The Pastel Pink is Mai Tai Me Up, its very light but can be built up . I used this matte on my brow for my look.

Island Fling is the Shimmery White peach color is really pretty and works great in the crease but I my try it layered over another color.

Ay Papaya is a coral color , it leans more pink coral on me but I can see it going more orange coral on others.

Umbrella drinks is my favorite shade in the whole palette. I love the shift and how it looks.

Papaya Don’t Preach is a more vibrant pink, its a lot brighter than Mai Tai Me Up. Its actually a good papaya fruit color.

W’sup Beaches is a really nice matte plum, I honestly was surprised how well it worked with the rest of the colors and how is blended out. Perfect for a smokey look.

And Bikini Optional is a nice papaya rind yellow color. wow they really did a good job with the color story.

And Now finally my eyes. I decided to use the whole palette , for this look. Most reviews I do at least 3 but because this is smaller palette I thought this singular look really showed off the colors. I’m sure I could do more and when I do I’ll post them on WordPress. Also I took multiple pics to show off Umbrella Drink’s color shift.

IMG_4736 (3)
Looks more golden peach.
IMG_4753 (3)
With flash you can see the rose shimmer though.
IMG_4717 (2)
I used mixed lighting here.
IMG_4744 (2)
This was in warm lighting.

Overall I was really happy with the quality and pigment of the shadows. I think the purple is deep enough to use as a V color, so you can make kind of smoky papaya look. Also I did use a white shadow base over my eyes,  but not the swatches. I feel like they were more pigmented over the base , and looked way more vibrant. So totally use a primer or white base if you want the colors to pop. I have swatched the other Tutti Frutti palettes when I was in Ulta last year. And I honestly think this palette is better than both the Pineapple and the Raspberry palettes. I thought the Raspberry one was  a bit patchy when I swatched it, and so I passed on it. While the Pineapple one was better , the color story didn’t grab me.  I will say I got this on sale with free shipping and I think the sale price is probably the best. I don’t think it’s entirely worth $34 as the pans are small and its travel size. But the quality is good , just not for $34. The sale price of $17 with  free shipping is great though. So while the sale is on , it’s definitely worth it if you like the color story and fruit scented makeup.

And for the mini review, The Born This Way , Multi-use Sculpting concealer in Almond was pretty good. But I concealed too much and had to warm up my face with my normal powder and some Milk Blush.  It wears well and isn’t greasy.  I had two other sample colors but they were too dark and they were out of the other shades. But I assume they probably work well and maybe I can give them to someone who needs them.

Well Thats all for now , I hope to have more reviews and stuff up later this week. Have a good week everyone:)



17 thoughts on “Too Faced Papaya Pop Palette Review

  1. I have the Berry palette and you’re right the formula is really buttery, which is what I love about a good eye shadow! These colors are really pretty too. Great photos, they capture the shades really well. I also like how Too Faced scents their stuff. I bet the papaya one smells great!


    1. Of the three scented palettes I have from Too Faced this one is my favorites. I definitely think Umbrella drinks is shade that has to be seen in person . The shift is really good . And thanks for reading💕

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love these sorts of shades, so great to see your review of this palette! I really like the look you came up with; it looks really pretty. I have the Chocolate Gold Palette, the Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette and the Just Peachy Mattes Palette but I haven’t tried any of the recent launches from Too Faced.

    I’ve been thinking of trying out the Born This Way Multi Use Sculpting Concealer and I think Almond is probably the right shade for me too. I might give it a try once I’ve finished using up my other concealers. I’m currently using NYX Born to Glow Radiant Concealer in Vanilla and have a couple of Maybelline ones to use after I finish the NYX one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I didn’t mind the concealer , it didn’t break me out or smell wierd . Plus it wasn’t greasy . Thanks for reading by the way . I have the Chocolate Bon Bons too which I still need to write a review for . I’ve seen pics of the Chocolate Gold and it definitely looks very pretty.


    1. Thanks ! I love umbrella drinks and I recommend the palette to anyone who just wants that shadow. The other colors are great too , but I could see someone wanting a deeper V color . But I think if you already have a lot of makeup your good with mixing this palette into your collection ☺️


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