Lime Crime Diamond Crushers in Black Unicorn Review

IMG_4477 (2)

More shiny lip products! Ironic as I usually wear a mask when i go out , but somedays I wanna stay home and just shimmer.  I know Lime Crime used to be hated by quite a few people due to the founder’s personality and actions. But I heard she stepped down a while ago , so I thought it might be time to try out a Lime Crime product.  Plus it was on Nordstrom’s site on sale. Yay random sales.  Also this product was super hard to photograph, both in the tube and on my lips . So there will be tons of pictures.

IMG_4486 (2)
You can see the shift from pink, to a blueish purple.

Its super multidimensional and kind of smells like a grape soda . Its a slighly fake scent but not super bad , just odd . Its easy to swipe but you have to do a few extra swipes if you’re wearing it by itself . I do like the look , but it does kind of dry your lips . So definitely use a lip balm or lip moisturizer.

IMG_4488 (2)
Its almost holographic!
IMG_4498 (2)
Sci-fi lips !👽


IMG_4510 (3)
I used the Sugarpill C1 palette on my eyes.


IMG_4519 (2)
All my purples , lavenders, blues and greiges 
IMG_4521 (2)
Top to bottom : maybelline Smokey Jade, maybelline Sapphire Siren, Nyx Amethyst, Nyx Haze ,Jeffree Star Blow Pony,Fenty Ya Dig? , Fenty Go Deep, Sugar Pill Vertigo, Maybelline Concrete Jungle and Fenty One of the Boyz.

So because I didn’t want to keep applying and taking off lipsticks I decided to choose my favorite swatch and the apply the Diamond Crushers over it. The winner was Nyx Liquid Lipstick in Amethyst . One problem though my camera kept showing the color as more blue . And my phone’s camera was of course even worst . But from afar is probably the closest to the true to life spacey color.

IMG_4530 (2)
I’m not Amused for some reason 😂
IMG_4561 (2)
Does look kind of blue with patches of silver .
IMG_4573 (3)
More true to life. 

This porduct was pretty fun to play around with and looked nice over alot of my other lipsticks . I do plan on using this more often for days when I want more of an impact on my lips . Just not on days I’m out wearing a mask. Maybe I’ll invest in some of sort of hazmat suit so I can look like a space alien 👾. The formula was a little dry but thats to be expected with a product like this . It honestly wasn’t too bad with the other lipstick underneath, so keep that in mind . Also I feel like you could really have some unique color combos depending on your lipstick collection. Maybe I’ll try it over a  cool nude lip color.  Well thats all for now , have a nice week and stay safe 🌸




11 thoughts on “Lime Crime Diamond Crushers in Black Unicorn Review

  1. Wow I didn’t know Lime Crime made this. I like what you did with it, good idea trying it out with the swatches! Oh yeah and I love your dinosaur top! I wear a mask out of the house too, but I only ever wore red lipstick or maybe a neutral pink when going out. At home, I like to try all kinds of stuff for fun. Shimmery blues and purples are cool.

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    1. Thanks ! The dino top is one of my favorites. Before the whole corona stuff I used to wear alot of bold lipsticks out and about . Mainly cause I live in a bigger city so its like a fashion free for all. I think I wore more blue when my hair was different shades of blue , turquoise and periwinkle.


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