Sugarpill Capsule Collection C2 Orange Edition Review


I know this review is a bet late but I had other things going on. Plus lipstick reviews and this palette kind of clashed with the lip products I received LOL. But no worries as I finally have all the looks done. So lets get on with the review. Note: since I review the packaging and such withΒ C1 I’ll skip through all the details about packaging . But you can still enjoy the pictures:)




Let me know in the comments if you notice anything strange.

As with the Pink Capsule I went a bit crazy taking pics. These palettes are very photogenic!

So the formula is pretty much the same as the pink Capsule, with the blue shade being a bit more gritty but still very wearable. I really like this can be used as a neutrals palette or add some amazing pops of color. Skyrise and Insomniac are some of the best examples of a blue and lime colors , rivaling even my Urban Decay shadows. The yellow shade is a wonderful edition to a neutral palette as well, and its very easy to blend with either the green shade or any of the neutral colors. Retrograde as a blush is amazing , and I even liked using it on my eyes and layering one of the shimmer shades on top. Also Elevate is definitely one of my favorite highlighter shades. The mattes are really easy to blend out, shimmers are wonderful layering , and the two chunkier glitter shades (Skyrise and Insomniac) work well over glitter glue and look beautiful.

IMG_4060 (2)
These all showed up well on my arm.
  1. Side Eye- This is a matte warm taupe shade.
  2. Elevate -A nice Chamapagne shade , works great layered or as a highlighter on face.
  3. Moonshine- A duochrome with bronze and turquoise shift, it’s similar to Artist Pass from Too Faced’s Life’s A Festival palette and Fortune Teller from Urban Decay.’
  4. Retrograde -This is the peachy orange creamsicle blush, but I used on my eyes too.
  5. Double Shot- is a nice mocha espresso color. I really like how easy this one is to blend out.
  6. Skyrise-Metallic bright blue with turquoise sparkle. As I noted before it is a bit gritty but not overly so and works best on middle of the lid as a statement color. glitter glue helps to keep everything in place.
  7. Young Blood -matte burgundy brown color.
  8. Insomniac- Another one of my favorites , this a lovely shimmery lime color.
  9. Metro is a very nice bright yellow , it looks great with the other colors and blend well.
  10. Karma -a matte apricot or peach color.

And Finally some looks:

IMG_4195 (2)

IMG_4192 (2)
Excuse the dry skin but I used Retrograde on my cheeks and Elevate as a highlighter.

This look I used Doubleshot ,and blended in the yellow color, Metro, afterwards I used a bit of glitter glue and added Skyrise and Insomniac. I think the glitter glue kind of made Skyrise bumpy though. it definitely looks textured up close. It was slightly based on a Instagram look.I just added the green. I liked this look but I still wanted to try the look closer to one on Sydneynicoleaddams’s IG account.

Next I really wanted to use both the green and the yellow in a look:

IMG_4378 (2)
Sorry for the blurriness but this captured the color the best.

IMG_4376 (2)
Almost forgot to mention Retrograde as a blush , I put too much to show off the peachy color.

For this look I used Karma on the browbone,Doubleshot in the V and topped with the shimmer shade Moonshine ( it didn’t show well in the picture) and Insomniac in the middle of my eyes. Afterwards I used a small liner brush to apply Metro( the yellow) under my eyes . It was a fairly simple look but I oved how the yellow popped under my eyes.

Next is a nice peachy look.

IMG_4414 (2)
I added the heart after taking the full size pic.

IMG_4402 (2)
favorite way to wear a peach look.

So this one I used Retrograde , the Peachy Blush in the middle of my eye, then topped off with the shimmer shade, Elevate. I used Side Eye in my crease, Karma on my brow and Youngblood underneath my eyes . I usually use a bright pink lipstick for this look but I decided to let the eyes be the main focus today.

And finally I attempted to redo the Instagram look.

IMG_4427 (2)

IMG_4436 (2)
No lipstick today as I had to wear a mask later to go get groceries.

So this look was inspired by


She only used 3 colors , Doubleshot , Metro and Skyrise , so this was my attempt . I really like how these colors mesh well and seeing her video kind of solidified my decision to buy this palette along with the Pink Capsule .

Overall I’m really happy with the palette and have been using both palettes quite a bit. I’m not really sure which one I prefer , as it all depends on what look I want . I do like that for a neutral palette , it definitely is a bit more interesting. You can go for some really colorful in your face bold looks or go a bit more neutral with the taupe , peach and cocoa shades . They all blend very well and the glitter shades look really vibrant . I do think out of both palettes I prefer Elevate as highlighter , the other highlighter shimmer shade in the C2 palette is doesn’t stay on my cheeks quite as well . Its like the glitter is a bit chunkier where Elevate is just easier to use for a highlighter. I like Retrograde too as a blush but I’m not the best at applying blush .But I think it performs better than the Tarte blush that I usually use . Well have a good week everyone . Sorry this took forever to review . I honestly just had the pictures on my memory card . Have a good week everyone ☺️




8 thoughts on “Sugarpill Capsule Collection C2 Orange Edition Review

    1. If you wear more warm tones this one is the one to get . Plus it has those nice bright blue and green shades for statement days . I will say I prefer Skyrise in this palette to the Aqua color in the pink palette . This blue is amazing!

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