Jeffree Star Liquid Velour Lipstick in Blow Pony Review

IMG_2594 (2).JPG

So this has been one of my go to shades for two years almost . I love this color , I had one before , used it all up and bought another one . This won’t be a very long review since it’ll just involve the swatch and picture .  But I thought I would share my thoughts.

IMG_2593 (2).JPG

IMG_2592 (2).JPG

IMG_2596 (2).JPGSo what I like about this lipstick the most if how comfortable it is and how quickly it dries . Jeffree Star’s Velour formula is among one of the best liquid lipsticks that I have tried. And especially with an unsual bright color like this. Blow Pony is a beautiful matte lavender shade, and stays on for about 8 hours. As long as you aren’t eating anything too oily, which I do when I go out for italian food. I love olive oil, but it tends to make lipsticks smudge. Otherwise this shade is great for swiping on and running errands.  Now one strange thing is my lipstick doesn’t actually have a smell but I’ve heard from other online that some of Jeffree’s other velour lipsticks are scented like rootbeer. I really need to go out and try some more shades from the liquid velour line to see if thats true.

When I had my nice Neon hair. I miss being Neon.
IMG_2118 (2)
Blow pony with Too Faced’s Unicorn Tears pressed on.

I know I used some old photos , but I thought my hair looked the best when it was pink paired with the color. I have heard that these lipsticks can be used on the eyes but I still haven’t tried that out yet. Maybe sometime in the future I’ll try to create an eyelook with blow pony and few other Jefree colors. I really want to grab a few of his green shades , since I think that would be a pretty fun look. Well have a good weekend and I’ll post more soon.



8 thoughts on “Jeffree Star Liquid Velour Lipstick in Blow Pony Review

  1. I love how this looks on you. I’ve wanted to try this color for a long time but was afraid of how it’d look on my skin tone. Seeing it on you makes me want to go for it! Im more of a brown skin tone, but I think I still may be able to pull it off with some lip liner.

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