Second round of Bleach

So I waited the 2 weeks and finally took the plunge. I tried to lighten my darker blond roots to a pale or platinum. And I have kind of mixed results. On the positive , I finally have my hair lightened enought to recolor, but I still have some annoying banding in the back . I think I will just try to live with it though since I really don’t want to have breakage or more damage.

IMG_2537 (2).JPG
I’m silvery blonde now with some patches of pink and blonde.
IMG_2531 (2).JPG
The purple tone is from my homemade toning conditioner made from drops of One n Only pastel lilac .

IMG_2526 (2).JPG

IMG_2528 (2)
Well at least its more banana peel blonde . I have since toned more and its a little less yellow.

Update : since I’ve typed this up , a week later after the toning and purple conditioner my hair has actually gotten a bit lighter . The banding is still there but a very pale blonde . So Its actually a lot lighter . I’ve been using a argon oil conditioner for upkeep and not shampooing my hair as often to keep my hair moisturized . I’ve been rocking a silvery blonde look for quite a bit . Hope to recolor with Neon pink soon though . Also this post was meant to be up sooner but I dropped my memory card . Thank goodness I was able to fix it though.


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