Savage Smokey look

IMG_2467 (2)

So yesterday while taking pic for my bleach look , I wanted to do some sort of pink smokey look. I’ve really been a fan of hot pink on my eyes recently.

For this look I used Chocolate Bon Bons palette, with Cashew Chew on the brow, blended Malted in my crease with a fluffy brush. then I took the same brush and went over Malted with Earl Grey ,afterwards I used pigment brush to pick up Savage(hot pink from UD Electric) and place that on the majority of my lid, then patted on Revolt( silver from UD Electric) into my inner corners and spreading it over Savage.

I think overall I liked this look it kind of reminded me of 90’s Barbie . maybe next time I’ll try doing a blue look.  Now that my hair is blonde I’ll experiment with some new looks and color combos.



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