Covergirl Perfect blend Eye Pencil review

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And another Covergirl product . I bought this with the Perfect Point eyeliner . They were out of the black so I thought I would try a brown liner . I usually stick with black , charcoal, grey or purple , so this will be the first brown liner I have tried in years.

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I wore this a few times this week , once by itself with no powder or eyeshadow underneath, and a few times with eyshadows . And I think it works best with an eyeshadow to make the pencil really stay on your lids . The color itself is a very dark chocolate brown . Which I really liked since I’m not the biggest fan of brown liners , so being a bit darker worked out for me . As for the texture , its pretty smooth and easy to apply without too much drag . Which is something I’ve had problems with other drugstore pencils . It does come with a smudger sponge on the other side , which I used but  I didn’t like the smudgy look for this particular pencil.  The wear time was bad without a shadow base since it did seem to migrate . But over a shadow it looked pretty good and stayed longer . Overall I think this made better, more precise  lines than the Perfect Point , even though this is your basic pencil liner .

For the look today I thought I would do a neon Chartreuse color and apply the liner . I think the chocolate brown really makes the color pop. I also added a line above of  my shadow with Tetonic , a chocolate shade from the Elements palette.




Also on a side note this liner worked well for my waterline and didn’t make my eyes water .

I think this pencil would work if you didn’t want a black pencil and wore more neutrals.Although it does look nice with charteaus green or yellow .

On an unrelated note , I dropped my Urban Decay Elements palette , and my heart stopped beating for a bit . Thank goodness none of the colors were broken and the palette was okay . I taped the end of the box so the palette won’t just slide out like it did . Scary . I still need to do an depth review of Elements but I was waiting for the fall since its a darker kind of palette .


5 thoughts on “Covergirl Perfect blend Eye Pencil review

  1. I like an occasional brown eye pencil. I’m usually a black liner girl but every now and then I like brown. This looks like a good one. Great review. Can’t wait for the urban decay review.

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