What I’ve been up to


So I’ve been a bit MIA for the moment , this week I came down with either a cold or the flu . Not really sure which . But its pretty lame . I hope start doing more regular posting after I’m better . Plus I’m planning on redoing my roots , the great biannual bleachening is coming . I may do a review on the products I use for bleaching my roots along with some pictures of the powder, developer and toner. Just not actual pictures of the process , since I have to work fast . Also I may look a bit wierd since I try to bleach my roots in two different settings so I don’t stress my hair too much . My main thing this week has been trying to actually fade my current pink hair . Its a super sticky dye , but I want most of it out so if I accidently get a bit of bleach on my pink hair that it doesn’t drive the color in further . I had that happen with  an aqua dye before . Also I plan on finally doing Urban Decay Elements and Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons for my throw back reviews . So until then I’ll be resting and catching up on some games I had backlogged . Have a good week everyone ☺️✨


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