Revlon Volume + Length Magnified Mascara Review

IMG_2078 (3)

I’ve been wearing this off and on throughout the week . Its a fairly nice mascara , that helps volumize lashes , but not quite Too Faced Damn Girl volume . But still good for on the go , although you may want make sure not get too much product on the wand since it does kind of clump.

IMG_2084 (2)

IMG_2086 (2)
It has some fluffy bristles!

Alrighty so lets look at the wand and product. The wand itself has some fluffy brushes that are little closer together compared to the Covergirl LashBlast , and smaller than the Too Faced Damn Girl! mascara . But overall I really liked the wand , even if I did have to be careful not get too much product on my lashes . The mascara itself doesn’t really have a strong scent and it applies pretty easy . I do wipe off any excess product on the top of the mascara to prevent clumping . Looking at my lashes it did seem to give them more volume compared to my Lashblast but maybe not as thick as the Too Faced Damn Girl! Mascara . So this one is like middleground between the two . I can’t really say it made my lashes look longer just thicker and fluffier.

IMG_2376 (2).JPG
Excuse the derpy eyes. This is before.
IMG_2381 (2).JPG
Fuller and fluffier with Mascara.



Overall this isn’t a bad product at all , I don’t think its waterproof but I’m not usually too fussy with that . Its nice for on the go and making my lashes look fullfer and fluffier. the weeks that I’ve used the I found myself readching for it more than the Covergirl LashBlast. I think I prefer having fuller looking lashes than just length. It seems to be a great addition to my makeup bag.


6 thoughts on “Revlon Volume + Length Magnified Mascara Review

  1. I had seen this mascara and wondered about it. Thanks for the review. I got a mascara in my BoxyCharm box this month that I am going to use and review but I might have to pick this one up next! Great post!

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