Nyx Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Amethyst Review

Hey everyone ! I’ve been super busy so some of my reviews have been backlogged . This is something I had purchased a while ago but just haven’t gotten around to really wear or review.

I’ve always wanted to try out the Nyx Liquid Suede lipsticks , but just never trally got around to it untill now . I decided to pick out Amethyst, which is this beautiful royal purple , plus I love purple lipsticks in general. So on to the results.

The color of the tube was hard to capture with my camera.



So the day I wore it out was for a lunch with family . It held up surprisingly well while eating and drinking . I didn’t really have to reapply  except maybe after eating some foods with olive oil . Other than that it was a really comfortable matte . The purple is beautiful and I really liked how vibrant it was . Its a super bright bold color , but surprisingly not streaky. Which is great since this can be a hard color to formulate.

Excuse the faded hair . 

Overall I was pretty happy with the color and the formula . I liked that it was a pretty comfortable  matte lipstick, not overly drying . And the color was nice and bold . The formula is almost similar to Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid lip sticks , it just doesn’t quite have the shade range as Jeffree Star’s line . I will probably buy a few more shades in the Liquid Suede lipstick line . Maybe the grey or one of the nudes next . Have a happy Tuesday everyone !


18 thoughts on “Nyx Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Amethyst Review

  1. Hey-thanks for finding my blog so I could find yours! I am very much enjoying it. And I adore purple lipstick. Though Nyx liquid suede is not a fav of mine, the color sure is.

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      1. That sounds right up my alley, I love a balmy or cream formula, and, happens to be on sale at the moment! I had a nyx intense butter gloss in color sweet nothing that I just loved! I used it up and turns out, it’s not a color that is carried right now. It was just such a perfect purple for me, such a shame it’s not available.

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      2. I don’t care much for the regular butter glosses, but I do love the intense ones. However, I can’t find them in stores anymore, and there are regularly only a couple colors on their website right now, so it may be that they’ll end up discontinued.

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    1. I think this is the most comfortable matte liquid lipsticks , but I would apply a non oily lipbalm first to really make sure your lips are hydrated . As for removing I would use something like coconut oil so you wouldn’t harm your lips from scrubbing too much . Also Nyx suede liquid lipsticks are nice too

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