EOS Coconut Milk lip balm sphere

I had to resist opening it up till I did the review .

Saw this while at the drug store picking up some things . While in line I saw this , a new EOS flavor that I haven’t tried . Or rather a new version of the Coconut milk flavor . This one is supposed to have a nice Papaya scent . I can only detect a bit of papaya, as the coconut is very overpowering . It does smell very tropical which I like . The texture of this balm is a bit more waxy or thick but goes on my lips smooth. I almost wonder if this would make a good lip primer since it makes my lips soft, yet not too oily . It sort of reminds me of the texture of the Bite Beauty lip balm , but not quite as thick . Overall I’m pretty happy with this , but I do wish it smelled more like papaya . I love papaya !  So in comparison with the Burt’s Bee’s lipbalm I reviewed last time it does seem like I get more product for about the same price . The EOS balm is about 7 grams where as the Burt’s Bee’s is 4.7 grams .  Although the Burt’s Bee’s sort of just slid on , this one is like a more matte lip balm .  Also I will admit I’ve been a fan of the sphere shape . Its just fun to throw in my purse or on the shelf . Although my dog does like them too , so I have to keep it away from him .

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