Coordinating hair and makeup when your hair is Neon Pink

It seems like everytime I change my hair , I also have to change up my eyeshadow and lipstick looks . Usually with blue hair I wear more silvers, purples , teals and greens , blue and purple lips. With purple hair I was wearing more pinks, blue and silver and bright pink lips,some lavender shades as well.  And the short time I had pastel pink hair was all about light pink , mauves,fuscia and eggshell white and greige lips . So Neon pink is something new .

I’ve been going through my makeup and seeing which combinations work . Black eyeliner seems to look really nice with a bold lip . I’ve been wearing a bit more purple,violets and plum shades . But eyeshadows I’m still kind of playing around with . Today i wanted to see if I could make corals and purples work with my look.

The Unicorn Tears is super shimmery

For this look I wanted it to be a more muted but still colorful . I used a light colored concealer on my eyelid , and using a fluffy brush blended in Funtasy the plum purple shade from Life’s a Festival around my eye crease. I used Hex Remedy from The Urban Decay Elements Palette for the outer corner of my eye to darken it . Then on the middle of my eye I used Rainbow Life from Lifes’s Festival . Finally adding Unicorn Tears to inner corner of my eyes .  Nyx Epic liner on top and Covergirl Perfect Point in my waterline. Then finish up with Covergirl Clump Crusher mascara to finish tie everything together.

The coral works with the Pink I think .

Next time I may try to do a darker eggplant shade to make the coral really stand out . Also on a said note I have been trying to curl my hair with no heat rollers . I’ve had a bit of success.When I get out after the shower , I wrap the little curler and snap it up and then let my hair dry like that while hanging out at night . I think it makes my hair more wavy .  Well I hope to have a few more reviews up next week . Have a good weekend ☺️






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