Special Effects Cupcake Pink hair dye review

IMG_1966 (2).JPG
yup Thats my Husky’s fur as a background.

I finally did it , or at least attempted to dye my hair bright bubblegum pink . And it honestly didn’t really work out sadly . It was kind of a let down since going by the some of the pictures online and the bottle this stuff looked super bright . Like I had issues with even getting the bottle of dyes color to show up with pictures . I had to take my camera out in the livingroom and use my white Husky as a background to really get accurate pictures . That being said the dye wasn’t really that vibrant and looked a bit of a reddish plum when in the sunlight . So I’ll go by the steps and  share some pictures .

It’s so bright next to her fur.
Um yummy cupcake icing! Too bad it doesn’t stain as well as cupcake frosting.
IMG_1976 (2).JPG
white silver hair
IMG_1981 (2)
Hmm not quite as bright or the shade I was hoping for.

So first off the dye as it appears in the bottle looks like its a bright bubblegum pink . It comes in a 4oz bottle and its really thick . I had to really squeeze to get the product in my mixing bowl . It doesn’t really have a strong smell , if anything it sort of smelled like ink but it wasn’t overbearing . I used most of the dye straight with my tint brush and gloves . Near the end I added a bit of conditioner to make it easier to spread but because it was so light going on  my hair , I decided to not use anymore conditioner. As you can see from the pictures my hair starting out is pretty silvery white, and with the dye on it started to look almost a pinkish lilac . I was already having some doubts while I sat with the dye in my hair for a little over 5 hours .  Also I noticed the dye didn’t really stain my gloves nor my skin . Some people would say that is good but I don’t know how well it will stay in my  hair. Finally rinse time . And it wasn’t looking too good . I decided to go ahead and dry my hair after rinsing it out . And its like this strange plumish/pink color with some red hues . Hmm.

This my disguntled look.Also taken the day after, I have wierd reddish plum hues mixed in.
IMG_2015 (2)
This was taken two days after the first picture.I feel like this lighting makes it look brighter but I still don’t quite like the shade.
IMG_2018 (2).JPG
some more shots of the color
IMG_2027 (2)
Trying to match my makeup with the new hair shade.

Next day I tried saw it in sunlight and it definitely did not look like the cupcake pink color in the bottle .  So it looks like this dye was kind of dud . It looks quite faded to be honest . Maybe I’ll have better luck next time when I try a different brand’s pink .

Update : I waited a while to post this review since I wanted to add a few pictures with the color faded . You can definitely see the changes . I feel like I liked the faded color better than the fresh color . It reminds me of the pictures I have seen of the Lime Crime color Sext and Bunny . Still not the color I really wanted though. So hopefully once this is faded more I will try another bright pink color . And my final thoughts on this color is preferred One n Only’s Pastel Bubblegum to this color, the dye is cheaper , easier to get and the color isn’t quite as wonky. The color in bottle definately makes it seem like this would be a lot brighter and not have the strange plummish tones.  As of writing this post have ordered Iroiro Neon Pink to test out. I know that Special Effects dyes are meant to be UV reactive but I wasn’t able to test it out under a black light. I plan on buying a small blacklight flashlight to test out the Iroiro dye.

IMG_2055 (2).JPG
After weeks of going with the color I accepted the fade.

IMG_2057 (2)

IMG_2058 (2).JPG



8 thoughts on “Special Effects Cupcake Pink hair dye review

    1. Its an odd ball color for sure . I don’t think I would use it again since theres other pinks that can be combined with conditioner that make a nicer pastel color . It was a bit grungy for my tastes.

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  1. Hey there! Cupcake pink can be really bright on white/yellow hair, freshly bleached. I think your hair was too silver/ashy and it made the color go more purple and thus dull. When I use cupcake pink it comes out bright on my pale yellow roots, and refreshes my faded pink well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think mine was really old too . I gave it to a friend who had more yellowy blonde blesched hair and it just kind of fell out 😢 . Sadly I wasn’t able to try any of the other Special Effects dyes due to the company going out of buisness.


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