Flashback Review: Urban Decay Electric Palette


Alrighty so I’ve finally gotten around to posting my first pallette review . This was my Urban Decay eyeshadow , and my first higher tier palette as well . I had a few Too Faced duo shadows and one big Ulta palette but nothing with the pigmentation Electric has . I remember seeing it online and wanting it since I was super into bright and kind of 80’s style looks, like Jem and The Holograms . Now because I have a few other palettes to review and these are sort of flashbacks , I’ll do about 3 eye looks per palette . Plus I plan on doing a seperate series for mixing palettes .


So the colors are very bright , but look amazing on top of a primer or white concealer . With Revolt looking best as a topper over the brighter colors or on top of glitter glue to really make it stand out . Now there is a warning that certain shades like Savage,Jilted, Slowburn, and Urban are not for use in the immediate eye area and thats because these colors contain dyes that are not FDA approved for eye area but are approved in other countries . I personally have never had any issues but if your eyes are sensitive, those colors work great as blush or on lips . Savage and Slowburn do slightly stain but if you have a good oil based makeup remover , it becomes a non-issue.  For my swatches I didn’t use primer but the eyelooks I used both a primer and white concealer to make the colors really stand out .

IMG_1236 (2)
From top to bottom:Revolt,Gonzo,Slowburn,Savage,Fringe,Chaos,Jilted,Urban,Freak and Thrash

The colors are very bright amnd pigmented. Savage(pink) and Chaos(colbolt) are straight matte,while Gonzo(turqouise) looks a bit shimmery ,it looks matte depending on how you blend it. Slowburn(red-orange) also can look matte if you blend it or shimmery if you press in the color. Fringe(teal),Urban(purple),Jilted(fuscia with blue-shift) and Revolt(silver glitter) are the metallics of the set. With Freak(shimmery neon green) and Thrash(lime green with slight pearl) being kind of their own finishes.

I can’t really say there is a weak shade in the pallette , just different ways of using them . Revolt can seem lackluster on its own but used over glitter glue or used as topper , looks really nice . Thrash can be a bit more powdery but I’ve had good luck with it sticking to glue or concealer. Chaos the dark blue can be a bit patchy but I like using it as an eyeliner , or blended into Urban for a more blue based violet color. Gonzo, one of my favorites is best used over a white shadow and blended into a sky blue color . And I tend to pair Fringe with a bright gold from one of my other pallettes . Jilted is also super pretty , I usually blend it into one of the Too Faced Chocolate colors and pair with a champagne shimmer . Savage is neon and wonderful by itself but in today’s look I wanted to try it out with Revolt on top. I was surpised with how much it toned down the  neon quite a bit .

IMG_1365 (2).JPG
Jilted and Urban blended in crease,Chaos blended into Urban in my outer corner near wing,Savage with Revolt on top over the rest of my eyelid
IMG_0994 (4)
Thrash on inner corner of eye, Freak in the middle ,Slowburn and Savage near the end of my eye, with Jilted blended into my crease with Savage.
IMG_1317 (2)
Thrash and Freak on inner corner, Gonzo in middle,Urban blended into Savage and Jilted with Savage fluffy brushed into my crease.

Overall it was really fun playing around with these colors ,Especially with neons being big this summer. My favorite colors being the two greens ,gonzo(the blue) and Savage (pink) and all time favorite being Urban . Along with the flashback  series you’ll probably see me using these colors around with other palettes. Urban is super nice with Unicorn Tears , so stay tuned for Lifes A Festival.






6 thoughts on “Flashback Review: Urban Decay Electric Palette

    1. Thanks ☺️I’m actually on the lookout for some more neon colors , but undecided on which palettes that i want to pull the trigger on .Huda has a nice neon pink mini palette , violet voss has thiers , and even a few indie brands have neons . Oh and if you want to try out a few colors maybe go for Nyx since they have a small neon palette, I know I saw it in Target .


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