Sephora 2019 Birthday Gift Review : Drunk Elephant set

I thought I would offer my thoughts on this year’s Sephora birthday gift, Drunk Elephant Cleanser and Moisturizer set . So this set includes Beste No.9 Jelly Cleanser and Protini Polypeptide Cream . Now both products are have no strong fragrance or scent . Which honestly I was kind of hoping the jelly cleanser would smell like cantaloupe. But anyway on with the review.

IMG_1204 (2)

I recieved these last April along with some other birthday things I picked up for myself . This is my first time using any Drunk Elephant products . Mostly I’m a sugar and honey scrub kind of person with coconut oil and witch hazel . So I thought it would be best to review this when I pretty much finished the entire product . I do have slightly oily skin which is why I use witch hazel and honey , but I can sometimes be sensitive to overly strong cleansers . And sadly Beste was a bit too strong and made my face a tad red . Too bad too since it does a good job of removing my powder foundation . So sad . Now the Protini Polypeptide cream is actually a really nice night cream . I was surprised honestly since most creams can make me extra oily . And since I went back to my old skin care routine with the added bonus of Protini , I noticed my skin has cleared up a bit and gotten much softer without the dreaded oiliness .  So Protini is a solid product , my only issue with rebuying is maybe there is another product out there that can do the same for less . Like I like that its lightweight, not oily , and doesn’t make my face breakout . So I may look into some Korean creams to see if theres a dupe . Overall I liked the Protini cream but the Beste No 9 was a bit too harsh and cause redness. Maybe other will have a better experience with Beste.







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