Too Faced Mascara Melt Off :Cleansing Oil Waterproof Mascara Dissolver

So after trying out the Too Faced Damn Girl! mascara , I wanted to try out this mascara remover. This was a free sample from Too Faced that I had received with a past order a few months ago. I’ve used it once and forgot about it in my makeup bag since I usually use coconut oil . My regular Butter London mascara usually comes off pretty easy , but the Too Faced Damn Girl mascara was a bit more stubborn .



Now this is slightly oily , and it has green tea extract and rice lipids to help condition and keep your lashes soft . It comes with a wand so you can just swipe it  on your mascara and wait about 60 seconds . I usually just wash off the rest of my face makeup or remove my lipstick while waiting . Then you can just swipe off with a tissue . Its pretty easy but I think can be slightly unnecessary if you already have a good eye makeup remover . On a side note my eyelashes were pretty soft and the product didn’t seem to irritate my eyes . In my honest opinion this is only really for stuper stubborn water proof mascara.I don’t see this as a must have . Cool but not something I would rebuy .


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