Fenty Beauty Poutsicles review:Alpha Doll and Go Deep


So I’ve been super excited to try these lipsticks. As soon as I saw the previews on Fenty’s site I knew they were something for my collection . Fenty released 7 colors , two blues , an orchid , a hot pink , a purple , orange , and a red . So of course the darker blue was on my list but picking out a second color was legitimately hard . Do I pick the hot pink , orchid or Purpsicle ? Even the red and orange shades which I normally don’t wear often looked super tempting .I finally settled on the Orchid color , Alpha Doll since it looked absolutely beautiful online .

IMG_1121 (2)
These cases are so cute


So first thing these little cases are adorable each lipstick case is the exact color of the lipstick inside. Once I opened and swatched them I could smell vanilla candy smell . To me it smells good and didn’t seem too overpowering but I know some people are a little picky with scented lipsticks . The overall feel of the lipstick is moisturizing , not necessarily slippery. Compared to the Mattemoiselle lipsticks they are a bit creamier.

IMG_1150 (3)
Alpha Doll on top and Go Deep on bottom

They both go smoothy with no streakiness . I did have to reapply Alpha Doll since I missed a spot , but  overall this is a very nice almost balmy kind of lipstick . I love it . They did slightly smear when I drank from a cup or nibbled on some food , but you can always carry it in your purse for touch ups. My favorite of the two has got to be Go Deep , its such a nice solid blue that doesn’t bleed , nor feather . I can just swipe it on and go . Personally I thought Alpha Doll was lighter than what i expected , maybe I should’ve picked up Purpsicle or Tropical Tantrum . But I can go always get those next time to compare .

IMG_1164 (2)
I tried a Rihanna inspired eyeliner look to go with Alpha Doll
IMG_1183 (2)
Go Deep is my new go to blue

My only concern is when these sell out . I hope Fenty at least keeps around Go Deep since it is my new favorite lipstick of all time . Like its the blue I’ve been dreaming of , not dry , streaky or  patchy . Even Alpha Doll is pretty nice orchid color and very summery . All in all these are very nice feeling, and pigmented summer lipsticks. And I would definitely reccomend even if you’re not a fan of blue or purple , maybe pick up the red , orange or neon pink . These are so fun . Happy Summer everyone !

On a side note I want to try blending these two for a nice ombre look .


8 thoughts on “Fenty Beauty Poutsicles review:Alpha Doll and Go Deep

    1. That red looks so nice 💕I was honestly thinking of getting it even though I don’t wear red too often . I wish Fenty would just release a vault and I would get all the colors 😍


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