Kaja Mood Balm Color Changing Lip Moisturizer

Today I will  be talking about the Kaja Mood Balm in twilight . This was actually picked out by my Fiancé who thought the color changing ability sounded pretty cool . The description online kind of reminded me of Too Faced’s Unicorn Tears since it also reacts to body heat and can look diffrent depending on the person’s skin tone .


It goes on pretty sheer but can be built up .

The first thing I noticed when I opened the moodbalm was the amazing smell . Like flowers and the color is so pretty . A bright periwinkle that changed to pink as soon as touched it to my lips . I watched in the mirror as the balm went on clear and then turned to a bright pink . Later I check my lips again after coming in from the summer heat and they were almost a hot pink . Later after eating dinner with my fiance’s family I noticed that the color actually stained my lips pink .

This after it warmed up to my body temp. Otherwise it goes on clear.

Aside from the awesome smell and color , this balm is very smooth and the consistency reminded me of a jelly lipstick . My lips felt moistured and I didn’t have any issues with wear aside from the balm wiping off while eating . I did noticed when I wiped my lips off before bed they were super soft .My natural lips are a bit darker so I wonder if thats why I got the super bright look . Overall I would definitely try out the other colors .  I think these are really cute and could easily be thrown in a purse on the go .


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