wet n wild megalast High shine brilliance in Sangria time review


Hey everyone , sorry for the terrible posting schedule. Last week was a bit tough as my dog Roxas had a pretty severe UTI . He’s doing better now , and he’s taking his antibiotics! But last week was pretty scary since he had a fever and was just really lethargic . Now he’s running around the house and poking his nose into things .  So pretty thankful to my vet ! Well it’s been a while since I’ve really put on makeup and I wanted to try something that was just in my makeup bag. 

IMG_9628This seemed like a pretty unique wine shade , and I since the tangerine lipstick from the same line did so well I bought this and one other color. 

IMG_9627Also not to go off subject but does anyone remember the Sangria Blast Mountain Dew at Taco Bell ? It wasn’t bad but I don’t remember seeing it anywhere else . Well enough of that let’s see the swatch.


I thought it was just me , but there seemed to be a bit of a blue pearl to the wine shade . When I took this picture I thought it was just my flash . Also it goes on so smooth and kind of balmy . I really like the formula for this lipstick .


But here it is again like the swatch . It did make the color look more sheer .


But no worries ! Here’s the picture without flash . And it does look a lot more moody and darker . Also it feels pretty good on the lips not drying . I did drink a coffee later wearing the lipstick and didn’t have too much transfer . Of course it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring it with you in your purse .
And here’s my eye look to go with it !


And now the rest of my face lol.



Well I really liked this one , it seems like something I can pair with other looks , and the blue pearl is an added bonus . Let me know what you think. Oh and here’s sort of a quick video I made going through some of the palettes I used .


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